What does Mold-Masters do?

What does Mold-Masters do?

Mold-Masters is a world leading supplier of hot runner technology and systems. We design, manufacture and support a full range of hot runner products that are used in the automotive, medical, packaging, consumer and electronics markets.

Who bought Mold-Masters?

Milacron LLC
The innovative maker of injection moulding equipment for the plastics industry is changing hands from 3i Group PLC, a British private equity firm that has controlled it for the past five years, to Milacron LLC, a plastics machinery maker based in Batavia, Ohio. The purchase price was $975-million.

What is hot runner system?

A hot runner system is an assembly of heated components used in plastic injection molds that inject molten plastic into the cavities of the mold. Each time the mold opens to eject the newly formed plastic parts, the material in the runner is ejected as well, resulting in waste.

Why we use hot runner system?

Hot runners are designed to maximize manufacturing productivity by reducing cycle time. One of the reasons they didn’t take hold when they first came out is that they needed to maintain the molten plastic at a uniform temperature while the injection mold cavity is simultaneously being cooled.

How many types of gates are there in mould?

At that point, there are two main types of gates used. The thermal gate functions much like a normal gate where the material is injected into a cavity and material pressure is held until enough cooling occurs.

What is advantage of hot runner mould?

Because there is no cooling time limit of runner system, the part can be ejected in time after solidification. Many thin-walled parts produced by hot runner injection mold can be formed in less than 5 seconds. Because there is no cold runner in the hot runner mold, there is no production cost.

Why choose Mold-Masters?

Revolutionize Your Operation. Eliminate Conventional TC Mold Cables. Mold-Masters. Performance Delivered. A Global Brand you can Trust Since 1963. Mold-Masters is a global leader in the plastics industry.

Where is Mold-Masters located?

Our head office is located just north of Mississauga in Georgetown, Ontario, a 15-minute drive north of the 401/407 travelling against rush hour traffic. At Mold-Masters we recognize that our true strength is our people – people from different backgrounds, with different experiences, and different ways of thinking.

Is Mold Masters a good brand?

Mold-Masters. Performance Delivered. A Global Brand you can Trust Since 1963. Mold-Masters is a global leader in the plastics industry.

Why Mold-Masters Hot runners?

Throughout our history, Mold-Masters’ innovations have continued to drive the plastic industry forward. The hot runner products you see today are engineered to ensure you get the best performance for your application with the features valued within your industry.