What does PS mean in NYC schools?

What does PS mean in NYC schools?

This article is part of a series on This is a list of public elementary schools in New York City, which are typically referred to as “PS number” (e.g. “PS 46”). Many PS numbers are ambiguous, being used by more than one school. The sections correspond to New York City DOE Regions.

Why are some schools called PS?

The “PS” means Public School, as in Public School 47 which the same as PS 47. Usually this an elementary public school covering grades K through grades 4 or 5, sometimes “pre-kindergarden” classes may also be held at the school.

How many Ps schools are in NYC?

1,700 public schools
The New York City public school system is the largest in the United States. More than 1.1 million students are taught in more than 1,700 public schools with a budget of nearly $25 billion. The public school system is managed by the New York City Department of Education. It includes Empowerment Schools.

How are schools in NYC named?

Summary: at first schools were numbered sequentially in the order in which they opened. But there was no New York City public school system; instead boroughs ran (and numbered) their schools independently. Thus numbers were repeated across boroughs. When the city consolidated the systems, they kept repeats.

What does PS stand for in school subjects?

Lesson Codes

Code Description
Ps Psychology
Pt Photography
Px Sports Studies AS/A2
Re Religious Education

What does PS stand for in school grades?

Grade Symbols

Code Description
PS* Pass
S* Satisfactory
U* Unsatisfactory

How many District 75 schools are in NYC?

NYC Special Schools – District 75 Schools District 75 is made up of 57 special schools designed to teach and help students with disabilities.

How many Ps are there in New York?

There are actually four P.S. 1’s in New York City: That first school, established in 1806 and later named for Alfred E. Smith (Manhattan); the Courtlandt School (the Bronx); the Bergen (Brooklyn); and the Tottenville (Staten Island).

What does MS stand for in NYC schools?

In New York City, most students apply to middle school during their fifth grade year.

Does PS stand for pre school?

PS is shorthand for Preschool. GS is an acronym for grade school. The abbreviation GG stands for “girl grade school.” BG stands for Boy’s Grade.