What does retweeted mean?

What does retweeted mean?

A Retweet is a re-posting of a Tweet. Twitter’s Retweet feature helps you and others quickly share that Tweet with all of your followers. You can Retweet your own Tweets or Tweets from someone else. Sometimes people type “RT” at the beginning of a Tweet to indicate that they are re-posting someone else’s content.

What does name mean Twitter?

A Twitter handle is not the same as a Twitter name. Twitter handles appear after the @ sign in your profile URL and it must be unique to your account. A Twitter name, on the other hand, is simply there to help people find the company they’re looking for.

What does RT stand for on Twitter?

RT. A retweet is the basic form of currency on Twitter. When you see “RT” in front of a tweet, it means the person found the content valuable enough to share with their followers. If the original tweet is yours, way to go!

Is retweet same as share?

A Tweet that you share publicly with your followers is known as a Retweet. This is a great way to pass along news and interesting discoveries on Twitter. When using Twitter’s Retweet icon, your Retweet or Quote Tweet will reference the Tweet you are sharing.

How do you reply to a retweet?

Tap Retweet with comment. You’ll be taken to another screen. Just above the tweet you’ve chosen to quote, write your desired comment. Once you’re done typing, tap Retweet in the top right corner of your screen to post your quote tweet.

What is link retweeted post?

A Twitter retweet link is a direct link to retweet your tweet. With a Twitter retweet link, you can save your readers time by providing a way for them to easily retweet you without having to go to Twitter, find your tweet, and then click to retweet it.

What is Twitter’s address?

If you live in the United States, your information is controlled by Twitter, Inc., 1355 Market Street, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103 U.S.A. If you live outside the United States, the data controller responsible for your information is Twitter International Company, an Irish company with its registered office at …

What does Retweet look like?

The icons reply, retweet, like, and follow normally show up under tweets. The backward arched arrow is the reply icon, use the icon to reply to another Twitter user or tweet. The box made out of two arrows is the retweet button. The heart signifies the like icon.

How do I hide a reply?

Click or tap on the tweet that the unwanted reply is responding to. Scroll down to the reply that you want hidden, and tap the “…” button in the top right corner of it. This will open up a menu of options. From the menu, select “Hide reply.”

What is retweet and quote tweet?

A quote tweet is a retweet with an added comment that allows you to add your own spin on the retweet while still giving the original post-exposure. It’s a great way to share other people’s content while supporting them and putting a little twist on it that’s all your own.

What does RTE stand for?


Acronym Definition
RTE Ready To Eat
RTE Right to Education (various locations)
RTE Run-the-Engine (costs)
RTE Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act (India)

What is a retweet on Twitter?

The definition of a retweet is a reposting or the forwarding of a Twitter post from another Twitter user. An example of retweet is a Twitter user quoting a discount on their Twitter status that another user has tweeted.

Can I turn off all retweets on or off?

Turning Retweets on or off is not retroactive, meaning that you can’t remove Retweets that are already in your timeline. It is not possible to turn off ALL Retweets from ALL accounts. How can I undo or delete my Retweet?

How do you retweet a quote on Twitter?

Instead, users who press the retweet button will encounter to a screen that asks them to provide a “Quote Tweet,” or commentary above the tweet they wish to share. Twitter accounts associated with the group promote her YouTube videos, retweet her, and offer praise for pro-Assad commentary.

Why are my retweets not showing up in apps?

Note: Retweets may appear differently in third-party applications, and will show up in apps only if they are using Twitter’s Retweet API. Many apps have built in their own version of Retweeting—those Tweets are not treated as official Retweets on Twitter.