What does SVHO Yamaha mean?

What does SVHO Yamaha mean?

Super Vortex High Output
WaveRunner FZR SVHO The Yamaha Super Vortex High Output (SVHO) engine is a purpose-built 1.8L, four-stroke, four-cylinder supercharged and intercooled motor that advances the performance gains made possible by its predecessor, the Yamaha Super High Output (SHO) engine.

How much horsepower does a Yamaha FX SVHO have?

But are you wondering how much horsepower a Yamaha FX SVHO has? TheYamaha FX SVHO WaveRunner is powered with a supercharged engine, which means both the FX Cruiser SVHO and the FX Limited SVHO are powered with 250 HP.

What is the difference between Sho and SVHO?

With the new-for-’14 FX Cruiser SVHO, that’s no longer the case. The addition of the V to the suffix is because Yamaha revamped the existing 1.8-liter, SHO engine. A new, larger six-vane supercharger produces 60 percent more boost. Yamaha says the SVHO produces 20 percent more total power than the SHO.

How many hours does a WaveRunner last?

As a rule of thumb, the 2-stroke jet ski engines last around 200-300 hours, while the 4-stroke jet ski engines last around 300-500 hours. But keep in mind that these numbers depend on factors like maintenance, usage, and many others!

Is SVHO supercharged?

SVHO Engine Yamaha 1.8L supercharged, Super Vortex High Output Marine engine delivers more power and torque than any WaveRunner before it.

How much is a 2021 FX SVHO?

2021 Yamaha FX SVHO • $15,799.

What’s new on the Yamaha FX SVHO?

It’s been a big couple of years for the Yamaha FX SVHO, arguably the brand’s premier flagship. Last year, the model introduced a long-awaited, powerful new engine to the Yamaha line. This year, it takes that potent performer and gives it a few new tricks up its sleeve.

How much power does the Yamaha SVHO have?

It’s a bump that Yamaha arguably needed to compete at the top echelon of the sport. You won’t get horsepower numbers out of anyone anymore, but a little digging reveals the SVHO to be over 250 hp. The performance numbers almost make you suspect more.

What is the length and weight of the FX SVHO?

Length: 3560 mm (140.2 in) Width: 1230 mm (48.4 in) Height: 1230 mm (48.4 in) Dry weight: FX SVHO 378 kg (833 lb) FX Cruiser SVHO 379 kg (836 lb) Performance:

What is the Yamaha Super vortex high output?

Yamaha introduced a new engine, the Super Vortex High Output (SVHO), and instantly became a contender for top speed bragging rights. Though it’s based on the existing 1.8-liter platform, the SVHO benefits from a new supercharger design and larger, more efficient intercooler.