What is a EFM?

What is a EFM?

WHAT IS A EFM, USEFM, AEFM, MOH, ETC? Appointment eligible family member (AEFM): An individual who meets all of the following criteria is considered to be an AEFM for employment purposes: Is a U.S. citizen; Is the spouse or domestic partner (as defined in 3 FAM 1610) of a sponsoring employee (as defined in this section);

How is the EFPM programme at IIM Indore?

The programme aims at helping participants develop an ability both to create and disseminate knowledge. The EFPM at IIM Indore provides an excellent opportunity to those who wish to contribute to the field of management sciences by doing research in the discipline of management.

What is an efrp transaction?

EFRP transactions include the exchanges of: Exchange for Physical (EFP) – A position in the underlying physical instrument for a corresponding futures position.

What is EFP (exchange of futures for physical)?

Exchange of futures for physical (EFP) is one of a few types of privately negotiated agreements that can then be registered with the exchange.