What is a good summary for A Long Walk to Water?

What is a good summary for A Long Walk to Water?

A Long Walk To Water teaches about water conditions in South Sudan, Africa. The story is told from two perspectives, a girl named Nya and a boy named Salva. The reader follows the story of Salva and Nya’s journey through Sudan with little water, and little family.

What is the main point in A Long Walk to Water?

Hope and Resilience In addition to focusing on the physical realities of people struggling to survive—such as the need for water and shelter—A Long Walk to Water focuses on the psychological and emotional aspects of the struggle for survival. It’s not enough to have food and water, Park suggests.

What is a summary of A Long Walk to Water Chapter 1?

Summary: Chapter 1, Salva: Southern Sudan, 1985 Eleven-year-old Salva sits in the classroom, stealing glances through the window at the road home. The teacher continues the Arabic lesson. Arabic is the official language of Sudan, but at home, Salva’s family speaks the language of their tribe, the Dinka.

WHAT DOES A Long Walk to Water teach?

One of the most powerful takeaways from A Long Walk to Water is Salva’s astounding strength and resilience. We discuss this throughout the novel and analyze how Salva responds to the adversity around him, but it’s important for students to realize that resilience is a skill they, too, can practice.

What is the conclusion of A Long Walk to Water?

At the book’s conclusion, the reader can imagine that she takes her last walk to the pond with a certain spring in her step; her days of walking for survival are coming to an end. Salva also walks every day, for if he stops, he will die or be killed.

Where does Nya live in A Long Walk to Water?

In 2008, Nya, a young woman who lives in Sudan, walks two hours one way to get water for her family. She does this twice a day.

What are 3 themes for A Long Walk to Water?

Examples of Themes in A Long Walk to Water

  • Survival. All of the characters in this novel struggle to survive without the basic need of clean water.
  • Family. It is clear that family and community are the most important things to Salva.
  • Friendship.
  • Perseverance and Courage.
  • War and Society.

What is the main idea of Chapter 9 in A Long Walk to Water?

Chapter 9 of A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park is about how Salva makes it through the desert with his uncle’s help, one step at a time. Crossing the desert was the hardest part of the journey for Salva. His shoes fall apart, his feet get wounded by thorns and stones, and he is so thirsty.

What is chapter 5 about in long walk to water?

Summary: Chapter 5, Salva: Southern Sudan, 1985 With a stomach full of honey and beeswax, the pain is worth it. But not for the man who is stung on his tongue and can’t eat. The walking is easier now that Salva isn’t so hungry. More people join the group every day and Salva searches their faces for his family.

What is chapter 4 about in A Long Walk to Water?

Summary: Chapter 4, Nya: Southern Sudan, 2008 Nya sits in the shade and eats a bowl of boiled sorghum and milk. Inside, her mother nurses her brother. She tells Nya to take her younger sister, Akeer, back to the pond. Nya thinks five-year-old Akeer is too young, but their mother insists that Akeer needs to learn.

Why you should read A Long Walk to Water?

It is good for grades 3+,age 8+ and family and also people who like historical fiction.It is also good to learn about the importance of water. It saves lives,helps people, and brings us together by giving water to help them to lead a good life. I recommend this book because it has good examples of leadership.

What is Nya’s point of view of her mother in A Long Walk to Water?

Q. How do Nya’s and her mother’s point of view differ in the act of taking the sister along to find water? Nya feels her sister will learn a lot from the trip and her mother feels that she is not ready for the journey. Nya feels Akeer will slow her down and her mother believes that she needs to learn the job.

What is the plot of a long walk to water?

A Long Walk to Water weaves together the stories of two young people, both of whom are from southern Sudan. We first meet eleven-year old Nya. It is 2008, and she spends her days fetching water for her family. Every day, Nya travels back and forth from her village to the pond, not once but twice.

How do I Track themes in a long walk to water?

LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in A Long Walk to Water, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. In South Sudan in 2008, an eleven-year-old girl named Nya walks through a hot, dry environment.

What does Salva want in a long walk to water?

Salva is understandably confused—and in his confusion, he naturally wants to be with his parents, even though his teacher urges him to run away from his village. Get the entire A Long Walk to Water LitChart as a printable PDF.