What is a linear transducer?

What is a linear transducer?

A Linear Transducer is a type of position sensor. Linear transducers measure linear displacement or movement along a single axis in any direction. They do this by converting the movement into an electrical signal which is proportional to the displacement so that it can be processed by various devices.

What is magnetostrictive level transmitter?

Magnetostrictive level transmitters are continuous float level sensors that provide near real-time level measurements by creating competing magnetic fields to generate a signal corresponding to liquid level.

What is magnetostrictive actuators?

The Magnetostrictive Actuators are solid state magnetic actuators. A currentdriven coil surrounding the magnetostrictive rod generates the expansion of the rod. Magnetostrictive Actuators need a magnetic bias to present a linearised response, which can performed either by a DC current in the coil or permanent magnets.

What is Temposonic transducer?

Temposonics® magnetostrictive position sensors feature all relevant industry outputs to support a large variety of industrial applications. This, together with the reliability of the position and velocity measurement, guarantees superior control of the application.

What is the use of magnetostriction transmitter?

The magnetostrictive level transmitter uses buoyancy, magnetostriction and electronics technologies to accurately measure the level of a wide variety of liquids, including interface and insoluble multiple liquids with a two-float design.

What does magnetostrictive mean?

Magnetostrictive materials are used as converters of electromagnetic energy (for example, into mechanical energy), and for pressure transducers. Magnetostrictive materials include nickel and alloys such as Fe-Al (Alfer), Fe-Ni (Permalloy), Co-Ni, Fe-Co, and Co-Fe-V (Permendur); several ferrites (CoFe2O4and NiFe2O4); and some rare earths and their alloys and compounds.

What is magnetostrictive oscillator?

Magnetostrictive materials can convert magnetic energy into kinetic energy, or the reverse, and are used to build actuators and sensors.The property can be quantified by the magnetostrictive coefficient, λ, which may be positive or negative and is defined as the fractional change in length as the magnetization of the material increases from zero to the saturation value.

What is Magnetostrictive position sensing?

Potentiometric Position Sensors.

  • Inductive Position Sensors.
  • Eddy Current-Based Position Sensors.
  • Capacitive Position Sensors.
  • Magnetostrictive Position Sensors.
  • Hall Effect-Based Magnetic Position Sensors.
  • Fiber-Optic Position Sensors.
  • Optical Position Sensors.
  • Ultrasonic Position Sensors.