What is amp3amp3?

What is amp3amp3?

AMP3 based on the Tripath TA2021B chip this is a tiny and simple to build 2x25W into 4 ohms amp with a big sound that will surprise everyone. Surface mount components. True, I have heard of people building these kits and even one guy who claimed that it was his first project and had successfully built one, but it is certainly not simple!

How much does a Class-T AMP cost?

Price varies (a lot) but expect to pay around 20 USD or 35 Euros (+ shipping) This is the class-T amp so widely reviewed, both here on TNT, and many other audio sites. If you have been living on another planet for the last eighteen months, I should tell you that this little box of tricks has sold by the thousand to people all over the world!

Is there a 41hz amp-3 with through-hole components?

And credit to 41Hz, they have now brought out a version of the AMP-3 (called the AMP-6) that uses through-hole components and should be a lot easier to assemble for those of us not used to using SMD parts. Picture courtesy of DiyParadise .