What is an expert blog?

What is an expert blog?

Expert Bloggers Make Their Content Shareable So your content needs to speak to the audience about something they care about and do so in an interesting way. A large number of people share content without first reading it. They share based on the headline and an image. They make it easier for your content to be shared.

How do I revamp my blog?

“Revamp your old blog by changing the look and feel of it,” explains Sadhil Kumar, a writer for All Blogging Tips. “Install a different theme or add new plugins and widgets. If choosing a new theme isn’t affordable, then you can try editing the CSS to bring about some changes in the overall design.”

How do I become an expert blogger?

10 Strategies to Becoming an Expert Blogger

  1. Learn How to Write Well-Structured Blogs.
  2. Create Audience-Centric Content.
  3. Stay Up-to-Date With Your Industry.
  4. Research is Everything.
  5. Develop a Content Differentiation Factor (CDF)
  6. Make the Readability and Usefulness of Your Content a Focal Point.
  7. Stay Consistent.

Is WordPress a blog archive?

WordPress was originally created to make it easy to organize blog posts on a website. A blog in WordPress consists of two types of pages: Index (Posts page) and archive pages, which WordPress generates to organize and display lists of Posts.

Can WordPress archive posts?

Simply head over to the posts screen and select the posts you want to archive. Next, from the bulk actions drop down menu select Edit and click the apply button. WordPress will show you the bulk edit options for the selected posts. Your selected posts will now be archived.

Should you republish blog posts?

Republishing also allows us to refresh the content and get it in front of readers who are new to the CMI audience or who missed it the first time around. Maintains or improves search ranking/results. Sometimes an old post ranks in search and, therefore, drives a lot of traffic.

Should you update blog posts?

It’s the idea of working smarter rather than harder. Using less energy than it would take to produce a completely new blog post, you can update your old posts and help them earn even more traffic, social media shares, and maybe even more money. This works, first and foremost, because Google values freshness.