What is cover copy compare?

What is cover copy compare?

Cover, Copy, and Compare is an approach to building fluency with basic facts and computation. A student looks at a solved mathematics problem, covers it, copies and solves it, and then compares to see if the newly-written problem matches the original problem.

What are the steps of cover copy compare?

In CCC, students look at an academic stimulus (e.g., math fact). They then cover it, copy it, and evaluate their response by comparing it to the original fact. If there is an error, the students engage in error correction procedures before moving onto the next item.

Who created cover copy compare?

Skinner, C. H., McLaughlin, T. F., & Logan, P. (1997). Cover, copy, and compare: A self-managed academic intervention effective across skills, students, and settings. Journal of Behavioral Education, 7, 295-306.

Is cover copy compare evidence based?

Cover-copy-compare is a practical, low-cost, effective strategy for teachers to add to their repertoires of evidence-based practices. A variety of ways this strategy can be used across content areas are suggested along with ideas for how teachers can maximize their use of the strategy.

What is cover copy?

Back cover copy (also called flap copy) is the text that goes on the back cover of a book or on the back cover and flaps of a dust jacket. Your cover copy doesn’t just tell potential readers what your book is about–it’s a critical marketing tool.

What is a cover copy?

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How do I use cover-copy-compare worksheets?

Study the spelling or sight word (model) that appears in the left column of the sheet. Fold the left side of the page over at the pre-folded vertical crease to hide the original word (‘Cover’). Copy the word from memory, writing it in the first response blank under the ‘Student Response’ section of the Cover-Copy-Compare worksheet (‘Copy’).

What are the variations of cover-copy-compare?

Variations: One modification of Cover-Copy-Compare that may make it even more effective is to have the student respond orally. The student covers the original math fact and orally states the fact and answer rather than putting it in writing (Skinner, Bamberg, Smith, & Powell, 1993).

How does the cover-copy-compare math intervention work?

During the Cover-Copy-Compare intervention, the student is trained to follow these self-directed steps for each math fact: Study the correctly completed math fact (model) that appears in the left column of the sheet. Fold the left side of the page over at the pre-folded vertical crease to hide the original math fact (‘Cover’).

How do you make a cover copy of math fact sheet?

STEP 1: [Teacher] Create a Cover-Copy-Compare math fact sheet. The teacher selects up to 10 math facts for the student to practice during the session and writes those facts (including number sentence and answer) as correct models into the left column of the Cover-Copy-Compare Worksheet ( horizontal or vertical poblems).