What is Doc Watson most famous song?

What is Doc Watson most famous song?

Doc Watson’s Best Songs

  • Sitting On Top Of The World Doc Watson. From 12 people.
  • Freight Train Boogie Doc Watson. From 1 person.
  • Lonesome Road Doc Watson.
  • Shady Grove Doc Watson.
  • Deep River Blues Doc Watson.
  • Christmas Lullaby Doc Watson.
  • Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar Doc & Merle Watson.
  • Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor Doc Watson.

Did Doc Watson write any songs?

It didn’t matter that he didn’t write the song. He was no folk elitist, focused only on the music of the past. He was happy to do a brand new song, if it was great. As Pete sang Dylan’s songs, Doc sang the songs of Townes Van Zandt, Dan Fogelberg, Tom Paxton and others.

What was unique about Doc Watson’s guitar technique?

While Doc didn’t really invent flat-picking, he brought flat-picked acoustic guitar to the forefront and showed everybody how it was done. Doc muted the bass strings with his palm and played a strong alternating bass pattern with his thumb as he played the melody with his index finger.”

Is Doc Watson dead?

Deceased (1923–2012)Doc Watson / Living or Deceased

Who played Doc Watson’s guitar?

Jack Lawrence
Jack Lawrence is an American bluegrass guitarist. He was Doc Watson’s performing partner since the early 1980s.

Who was Doc Watsons wife?

Rosa Lee CarltonDoc Watson / Wife (m. 1947–2012)

Doc and Rosa Lee Watson married in 1947, beginning a romantic and artistic partnership that would span almost 66 years until his death May 29. “She saw what little good there was in me, and there was little,” Watson said in an AP interview in 2000. “I’m awful glad she cared about me, and I’m awful glad she married me.”

What finger picks did Doc Watson use?

As a fingerstyle player, Doc used a thumbpick and one fingerpick (on his index finger) to play tunes. This “two finger” style was self-taught. Doc typically used the thumbpick for alternating bass accompaniment and the index finger for picking out notes or rhythmic fills on the treble strings.

How did Doc Watson lose his eyesight?

Watson was born and grew up in the small community of Deep Gap in the Blue Ridge mountains of northwestern North Carolina. He lost his sight as a result of an eye infection in early childhood, and attended the Governor Morehead School for the Blind in Raleigh.

Why did Doc Watson go blind?

Watson went blind at age one following an eye infection and quickly grew immersed in music thanks to his parents, who performed in the local church choir and sang secular and religious songs.

Is Merle Watson still alive?

Deceased (1949–1985)Merle Watson / Living or Deceased

Who invented flat-picking?

George Shuffler says that he invented this technique on the guitar out of necessity. During the “lean years of bluegrass” back in the 1950s George was playing with the Stanley Brothers and the group was traveling as a trio, just Carter, Ralph, and George.

How was Watson discovered?

Doc played with Williams rockabilly/swing band for seven years, a period and a style that he revisited in the recent album Docabilly; but he continued to play traditional music with his family and his banjo playing neighbor, Clarence “Tom” Ashley, spurred by the growing folk festival, Ralph Rinzler and Eugene Earle …