What is Ebru art?

What is Ebru art?

What is ebru? Also known as paper marbling, it is the Turkish tradition of painting on water. This is how the ancient ebru marbling art is done! One of the questions I always get asked about one of my experiences in Turkey is “what is ebru?” Until I went to Istanbul, I had no idea ebru art even existed!

Is there a right or wrong way to paint with Ebru?

Also, it’s all very interpretive. There’s definitely no right or wrong way with ebru – you just choose the colours you want to paint with, splash them on the water and then try and create something stunning.

What is the origin of the Turkish word Ebru?

Many in Turkey will insist that the term ebru is of purely Turkic origin, but there is no proof to support that assertion, and there is quite of lot evidence proving it is a corruption of the Persia term.

What do you like most about Ebru?

What I loved about ebru is you can create beautiful brightly coloured designs fairly easily. I mean, I felt like the stuff I created was half-decent, and that’s really saying something.