What is GPF and CPF?

What is GPF and CPF?

CPF is for Government servants who are non pensionable. In short it is applicable to government servants who joined service on or after 01–01–2004. You have no option than to subscribe for the CPF since you joined the service after 2004. GPF is not applicable to your case.

What is difference between GPF and PPF?

PPF is a voluntary investment scheme that is open to all Indian citizens while GPF is a mandatory savings scheme launched only for government employees.

What is the GPF?

GPF or General Provident Fund is a type of PPF account that is available only for all the government. Basically, it allows all the government employees to contribute a certain percentage of their salary to the General Provident Fund.

Is GPF and pension same?

GPF is managed by the Department of Pension and Pensioner’s Welfare under the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions. A government employee can become a GPF member by contributing a certain percentage of his/her salary to the same, according to pensioners’ official portal, i.e. pensionersportal.gov.in.

Which is better EPF or GPF?

Out of the three funds, the government directly pays interest on GPF and PPF. In the case of EPF, the interest rate depends on the returns generated by the EPF. The EPF rate is 8.50% while the PPF and the GPF rates are both 7.1%. Tax deduction under Section 80 C is available for EPF, PPF, and GPF.

Which is better NPS or GPF?

National Pension Scheme (NPS): Better than both EPF and GPF is the National Pension Scheme which can be opened and operated by any citizen of India between the age of 18-65 years. This may be done by him/her for obtaining social security. This scheme is optional and can be obtained by only the citizens of India.

Which is better GPF or EPF?

How is GPF calculated?

This calculator helps you calculate the amount of contribution and interest for your General Provident Fund account….

Pay Matrix 7th Pay Commission Calculator
Expected DA From January 2022 MACP Calculator
DA Arrears? AICPIN for December 2021
CGE Holiday 2022 PDF CGHS Rate list PDF

What is GPF interest rate?

It is announced for general information that during the year 2021-2022, accumulations at the credit of subscribers to the General Provident Fund and other similar funds shall carry interest at the rate of 7.1% (Seven point one percent) w.e.f. 1st January 2022 to 31st March, 2022.

Which is better GPF or NPS?

Is GPF tax-free?

Interest earned on the provident fund corpus is tax-free and no tax is levied at the time of withdrawal, making it an attractive investment option. Government employees contribute to the general provident fund (GPF) without any employer contribution.

What is GPF (General Provident Fund)?

GPF or General Provident Fund is a type of PPF account that is available only for all the government employees in India. Basically, it allows all the government employees to contribute

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Who can contribute to the GPF account?

Anyone who fulfills the below-mentioned criteria can contribute to the GPF Account: 1 A government employee who is a resident of India 2 General Provident Fund is compulsory for government employees belonging to a certain salary class 3 Any employee of a private sector company is not eligible for the General Provident Fund

What happens to your GPF when you retire?

On retirement, the employer transfers the total accumulated amount in the GPF account to the employee. As per the Pensioners’ official portal, all the government employees can become a member of General Provident Fund once they start contributing a certain portion of their salary to the GPF account.