What is host name in IIS binding?

What is host name in IIS binding?

The host name, or domain name, field is the only part of the binding that is optional in the UI and provides the greatest flexibility. Host names, or host headers as they were called in IIS6, allow you to serve many sites from a single IP address.

How do I bind SSL in IIS?

  1. Start IIS Manager. Start IIS Manager.
  2. Select website. In the Connections pane on the left side of the window, navigate to the Server and Site you wish to bind the certificate to.
  3. Open bindings.
  4. Click Add…
  5. Select binding type.
  6. Select IP address.
  7. Enter port.
  8. Select certificate.

How do I get rid of HTTPS binding in IIS?

Scroll down until you find the name of the IIS website. You will see the bindings listed under the website name. Simply highlight and delete the binding that you no longer need and then re-save the text file to the location in step 2. Re-open IIS8 to verify that the binding has been removed from the website.

What is SSL binding?

Binding refers to the process of configuring the SSL certificate to use port 443 on the website. The instructions for binding a certificate with the website vary depending on the platform and version of your web server.

How do I remove old SSL certificates?

How to remove the SSL certificate

  1. Navigate to the Manage Domains page.
  2. To the right of your domain, click the HTTPS Secure link.
  3. On the next page, click the Remove Certificate button.
  4. Check the box and click Proceed with Certificate Removal.

How do I set up SSL host headers in IIS 7?

Once you format the friendly name you can set up host headers and site bindings. If the friendly name doesn’t have a * character, you’ll have to use the command line to configure SSL host headers to use your SSL Certificate on multiple websites. See Setting Up Host Headers in IIS 7 Using the Command Line .

What is the use of host headers in SSL?

Host headers are used to host multiple secure websites on one IP address. If you use host headers with a regular SSL Certificate the same certificate must be used for every site that is secured.

How do I set up a https binding in IIS?

In IIS Manager, under Connections, expand your server name, and then expand Sites. Right-click on a website, and then click Edit Bindings. In the Site Bindings window, select the https binding for this webiste, and then click Edit. In the Edit Site Binding window, set the following options, and then click OK :

How do I assign an SSL certificate to multiple IIs sites?

In order to assign a certificate to be used by multiple IIS sites on the same IP address, you will need to set up SSL Host Headers. Host headers can be configured in IIS 7 by adding site bindings via IIS Manager or using the command line. Open IIS Manager.