What is monopolar cautery used for?

What is monopolar cautery used for?

Monopolar electrosurgery can be used for several modalities including cut, blend, desiccation, and fulguration. Using a pencil instrument, the active electrode is placed in the entry site and can be used to cut tissue and coagulate bleeding.

How does monopolar cautery work?

In a monopolar electrosurgical procedure, a pencil-like electrode is used to cut the target tissue and/or coagulate bleeding. A return electrode pad is utilized and attached to the patient and safely retrieves energy that passes through the body..

What is suction cautery?

Suction cautery wands are covered by a polypore lining. Monopolar current is directed from the suction cautery tip to the surgical site. Suction removes surgical plume and char debris to create an efficient device for extirpating adenoid tissue.

Why monopolar cautery is not used in circumcision?

… Buwembo et al. reported a complication rate of 0.6% in their dorsal slit study of 2471 patients, and a complication rate of 1.4% in their sleeve study of 2681 patients (23) . The application of monopolar diathermy runs the potential risk of coagulation due to the electrical current at the penile base (28) .

What does monopolar mean?

Filters. Having a single pole. adjective. Using a single electrode.

How does a Cauterizer work?

The procedure works by burning the blood vessels that are bleeding. This seals the blood vessels, which decreases or stops bleeding….Cauterization helps control blood loss in the following situations:

  1. during surgery or dental extraction.
  2. for chronic nosebleeds.
  3. after an injury.

What are monopolar forceps?

Monopolar cautery involves disposable cautery pencils and electrosurgical diathermy units. With this method, the surgeon holds the Adson forceps with the first 3 fingers of one hand, while the blade of the cautery pencil is inserted at the for- ceps’ most proximal section, between the 2 branches.

What is monopolar electrocautery?

monopolar electrocautery. an electrocautery in which current is applied through a handheld active electrode and travels back to the generator through an inactive electrode attached to the patient (the grounding pad), so that the patient is part of the electrical circuit. Also called unipolar electrocautery.

Is monopolar electrocautery a safer alternative to surgical clips in cystic artery?

We conclude that monopolar electrocautery can be used as a safer alternative to surgical clips in control of cystic artery, especially in developing countries where Harmonic scalpel arouse issues of cost factor and affordability. Safety and efficacy of laparoscopic cholecystectomy using monopolar electrocautery in the porcine model.

What is bi-Bipolar electrocautery?

bipolar electrocautery an electrocautery in which both active and return electrodes are incorporated into a single handheld instrument, so that the current passes between the tips of the two electrodes and affects only a small amount of tissue.