What is OCI photo size?

What is OCI photo size?

2 inch x 2 inch
The photograph should be in colour and the size of 2 inch x 2 inch (51 mm x 51 mm). The photo-print should be clear and with continuous-tone quality. It should have full face, front view, eyes open. Photo should present full head from top of hair to bottom of chin.

How can I upload digital signature in OCI?

Step 1: Put your signature on a blank A4 size paper. Step 2: Scan your signature and save it in JPG/JPEG format. Step 3: Open the saved image of your signature in Microsoft Paint. Step 4: Now using the ‘Selection’ tool as shown below, select the area of your signature.

How do I change the aspect ratio of an image?

Crop a picture in Picture Manager

  1. Drag the cropping handles to change the picture to the dimensions you want.
  2. Click OK to keep your changes.
  3. In the Aspect Ratio box, select the ratio you want to use, and then select the Landscape or Portrait orientation.
  4. To crop your picture, click OK.

What documents should I upload for OCI?

Documents Required for OCI Card

  • Applicant’s Original US/Foreign Passport validity of minimum 6 months at the time of submission of application.
  • Copy of US Naturalization Certificate/Or Birth certificate if born outside of USA.
  • Recent Passport photo taken within the past 6 months, showing current appearance.

What is the best picture ratio?

ANDROID. Your camera aspect ratio might be set to 9:16, this is great for wide format video … not standard prints. You may find a large amount of cropping when shooting with the 9:16 wide angle or “full” setting. We recommend changing your camera settings to the standard 4:3 and cropping when placing your order.

How do I resize an image and maintain aspect ratio?

Change print dimensions and resolution without resampling

  1. Choose Image > Resize > Image Size.
  2. Make sure that Resample Image is deselected.
  3. To maintain the current aspect ratio, select Constrain Proportions.
  4. Under Document Size, enter new values for the height and width.
  5. For Resolution, enter a new value.

What are the specifications of OCI photo?

OCI photo specification 1 OCI photo size. OCI card photo size should be 2 inches x 2 inches (51 mm x 51 mm) and not more than 200KB. 2 OCI Photo Format. JPEG/JPG format is required. 3 Validity. 4 Quality of the OCI photo 5 Lighting and Shadows. 6 Head and Facial expression. 7 Background. 8 Glasses and Head covering.

How do I submit a photograph for OCI/PIO?

When submitting a photograph for OCI/PIO, the following should be kept in mind: The photograph should be in colour and its size should be 2 inch x 2 inch (51 mm x 51 mm). The photograph should be clear with continuous-tone quality. The photo should present the full head centred in the frame, from the crown to the chin with both eyes open.

How to update OCI card details?

In case the existing OCI card holder wishes to update the latest information about his latest passport, Change in address/Occupation/Contact details, the OCI card holder can select the option as given below and upload the latest photograph and requisite documents.

Can OCI card holder upload documents for new passport?

In case the OCI card holder is the spouse of an OCI card holder, passport & OCI card of the OCI card holder spouse. OCI card holder may upload the documents within 3 months of issue of new passport. This service will be on gratis basis. A simple form along with provision for uploading these documents to be provided.