What is on the job training program?

What is on the job training program?

On the job training is a form of training provided at the workplace. During the training, employees are familiarized with the working environment they will become part of. Employees also get a hands-on experience using machinery, equipment, tools, materials, etc.

What is on the job training examples?

Types of On-the-Job Training

  • Orientation.
  • Mentoring and job shadowing.
  • Coworker training.
  • Job rotation Job rotation training is typically designed to give you an overview of the entire process, not just one position.
  • Internship training.

What courses does Utt offer?


  • Project Management and Civil Infrastructure Systems.
  • Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing and Entrepreneurship (formerly Design & Manufacturing)
  • Energy Systems Engineering (formerly Petroleum Engineering)
  • Process Engineering.
  • Utilities and Sustainable Engineering.
  • What courses does Costaatt offer?

    Subject Specific Programmes

    • Medical Laboratory Technology. Biology and/or Human and Social Biology and Chemistry.
    • Environmental Health. Biology or Human and Social Biology.
    • Environmental Management.
    • Occupational Safety and Health.
    • Water and Wastewater Management, Services and Technology.
    • Biology.
    • Biology Pre-Med.

    What are the various training institutions in Trinidadobago?

    There are many training Institutions in Trinidad & Tobago that provides young persons the knowledge and training for future employment. There’s the OJT program, then there are other forms of training programs.

    What is the OJT on-the-job training program like in Trinidad?

    The OJT on-the-job training program in Trinidad has undergone a lot of changes in the last few years, and still continues and will continue to change. In case you’re wondering, on-the-job training programs are a hands-on method of teaching and learning the skills needed for employees to efficiently perform a specific job in the workplace.

    What is the purpose of the trainees’ programme?

    The Trainees will be exposed to the real world of work and Life Skills Training while at the same time learning a Technical Skill to gain sustainable employment. This programme has exposed over 20,000 unemployed nationals to occupational skills training within the Construction, Hospitality and Tourism Sectors.

    What do I need to apply for the on-the-job training program?

    Utility bill for proof of address (This must be no older than 2 months; if not in the applicant’s name, a letter of authorization and copy of the account holder’s national ID card are required) Click here for the On-the-Job Training Program’s application form.