What is QWS3270?

What is QWS3270?

QWS3270 Secure is a 3270 emulation application that allows PCs to connect to SSL enabled IBM mainframes over a secure TCP/IP connection. Using TCP/IP and the Winsock interface, this application allows you to quickly connect to your A/S400 over LAN and dialup connections.

What is Qws software?

QWS is a MIDI sequencer program that runs on Microsoft Windows (Windows 95 and upwards). QWS was written by James Bowden, a visually impaired computer programmer.

What is a jolly giant?

The Jolly Giant Toy Superstores was a chain of large toy shops in the United Kingdom based in Glasgow. …

How do I turn off automatic updates in mainframe?

You can come out of this by pressing SHIFT+ESC or ATTENTION KEY of your mainframe.

When did the jolly giant close?

4 October 2002
The Jolly Giant

Type Limited
Industry Retail
Founded 7 August 1980
Defunct 4 October 2002
Fate Receivership

How do I keep my mainframe session active?

The Telnet server defines the keep-alive setting to 600 seconds by default….Setting the session keep-alive parameter

  1. In System i Navigator, select your system > Network > Servers > TCP/IP.
  2. In the right pane, right-click Telnet and select Properties.
  3. On the Telnet Properties page, click the General tab.

How do I stop Sdsf from automatically updating?

Select them sequentially (one after the other) and that should get you out of auto-update mode. You shouldn’t have to hit the keys twice, or 4 times, or blow on them first or rub them gently. Just hit the Reset key once and then the PA1 or ATTN key once and that should get you out of it.

How do I refresh my mainframe screen?

Go to SDSF and give &n where n is number of seconds to refresh. For example &10 will refresh every 10 seconds. You can come out of this by pressing SHIFT+ESC or ATTENTION KEY of your mainframe.

How do I stop Sdsf from updating?

What is qws3270 plus?

The software relates to System Utilities. QWS3270 PLUS is a fast-loading, fast-operating, safe and reliable TN3270 emulation. Connect quickly and easily to your IBM mainframe host utilizing TCP/IP over LAN as well as dial-up connections.

How to launch qws3270 secure app from automation?

Introduced start mode parameter “-mode=secure” to launch QWS3270 Secure app from Automation. Introduced stub-applications QWS3270s.EXE and QWS3270p.EXE (launchers).

Does qws3270 support capturing of screen history?

QWS3270 supports capturing of screen history, with the ability to go back and review past screens without affecting the current session. You may want to check out more software, such as Secure Windows Auditor, Secure Oracle Auditor or F-Secure Anti-Virus, which might be similar to QWS3270 Secure.

How do I create a shortcut in qws3270?

1) Navigate to: Windows XP: (C:\\Documents and Settings\\your userid\\Application Data\\Jolly Giant Software\\QWS3270 Secure) Windows 7: (C:\\Users\serid\\AppData\\Roaming\\Jolly Giant Software\\QWS3270 Secure) 2) Locate the name of the session for which you would like to create a shortcut.