What is Tak?

What TAKProvides Whenwe think of situational awareness forthe Departmentof HomelandSecurity (DHS) team operators, weoftenthink of splitseconddelivery of informationand lifesaving alerts to inform those who helpprotect us in an emergency. TAK is one of thosebreakthroughsin technology.

What do I need to install the Tak client?

The TAK clients require somesort of hardware (e.g. mobile device or computer) that can be installed on existing hardware or other applications, and will needsomeone to install and maintain the software.

What is Atak (Atak)?

Android Team Awareness Kit (ATAK): A mobile app that can be installed on Android mobile devices, which was the original TAK client developed and has the most robust features of all TAK clients based on size and length of development investment.

Do I need a login to access the Tak product center?

The TAK Product Center at TAK.gov is only accessible to U.S. IP addresses only. The CivTAK Community Website (CivTAK.org) has no control over the website and their geographical access control policy. Downloading the ATAK-CIV binary does not require a login.