What is the acceptance rate of IMSA?

What is the acceptance rate of IMSA?

IMSA is not required to have, and does not have, any policy or guidelines for the number of applicants who can be admitted from any particular school. In the past five years, IMSA has admitted students from 37 percent (403 of 1,094) of Illinois schools serving 9th graders in 1998.

How many students does IMSA have?

650 students
The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, or IMSA, is a three-year residential public secondary education institution in Aurora, Illinois, United States, with an enrollment of approximately 650 students….Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy.

Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA)
Website www.imsa.edu

Why is IMSA a good school?

IMSA’s strengths lie in both its rigor and its fostering environment for personal growth. Making the most of one’s three years at the school will make one a sharper, more creative thinker as well as a more conscientious person. IMSA forces a person to adapt to its demands, bettering them.

Is IMSA a boarding school?

The brainiac boarding school, usually referred to as IMSA, has always been open only to Illinois residents. It holds 650 students, who pay very nominal costs, based on family income. The campus currently has seven residential “cottages” that each accommodate at least 100 students.

Is IMSA prestigious?

IMSA was named the winner of the prestigious Intel Schools of Distinction Star Innovator Award in 2009 and was ranked by NICHE in 2017 as the #2 public high school in America….

Address P.O. Box 219 Batavia, IL 60510
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Do IMSA students have to live on campus?

The public, residential, selective-enrollment high school houses around 650 students from grades 10-12 at its Aurora campus. According to a statement, students were allowed to go home over Labor Day weekend, but will now be required to stay on campus for at least the next month. IMSA President Evan M.

What is a good SAT score for IMSA?

Students at IMSA have a 99 percent graduation rate, an average SAT score of 1440 and an average ACT score of 33.

What is IMSA ranked?

On the heels of its 2020 #1 Public High School in Illinois and #2 US ranking by niche.com, IMSA made the short list of Newsweek’s Best STEM Schools in America at #12.