What is the difference between Ziptrak and Zipscreen?

What is the difference between Ziptrak and Zipscreen?

Ziptrak offer a whole range of different bolt systems, including their easy to use centre release lock. Zipscreen on the other hand, use a more simplistic and slightly outdated bolt system, which, while functional, is not the quickest or most efficient to use.

Are PVC blinds any good?

PVC fabrics are also a great option for kitchen and busy areas, as due to the nature of the material they do not hold on to odours as much as other fabrics. These combined features make PVC blinds amongst our most popular, with added pattern and colour variations adding to their appeal.

How long do PVC bistro blinds last?

UV Degradation Clear PVC is highly susceptible to degradation due to exposure to ultra-violet light and pollutants in the atmosphere. Over time it will turn yellow, milky and brittle. UV inhibitors are added during the manufacturing process but blinds left down in sunny positions will have a life of around 5 years.

How long do Ziptrak blinds last?

Expect 15 years plus for the whole system. It depends a lot on the position of the blinds as generally it’s sun that does the damage. In the sunniest positions expect 15 years but even longer when not so exposed to the sun.

Is Zipscreen cheaper than Ziptrak?

Ziptrak Is Cheaper Typically a single outdoor blind installed on the Ziptrak Track Guided Blind system is about $100 cheaper than the system used by Zipscreen, all other factors like the blind material for example being the same.

Does Ziptrak reduce noise?

Will Ziptrak® blinds reduce external noise? It depends on the blind fabric that you choose. Porous fabrics do not provide significant reduction of external noise.

Do PVC blinds go yellow?

Being a plastic, PVC is highly susceptible to UV. Prolonged exposure to UV will turn your nice, bright-white shutters, into a yellowy, blue colour in just a few years.

How strong is PVC blinds?

This large, high frequency welded surface is extremely strong. Some PVC patio blinds have half of a zip attached to the PVC which runs within a track. The issue is that half of a zip can’t be as strong as a 25mm welded surface.

Do PVC blinds block UV?

PVC blinds are incredibly effective in offering protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. They also help reduce energy costs and they are highly versatile as well.

Can Ziptrak keep aircon in?

Ziptrak® blinds can be very effective in keeping in cold air, but they should not be expected to keep in cold air completely.

How much does Ziptrak blind cost?

Based on the above assumptions, a reasonable investment for a single Ziptrak, Zipscreen or Slidetrack blind is between $1,100.00 to $1,500.00.