What is the longest it has rained in Seattle?

What is the longest it has rained in Seattle?

The Record Is 33 Days For Seattle — Really! But that record that gained so much fame then was that we had 90 days of rain in the 120-day period from Nov. 1, 1998-Feb. 28, 1999. But the 90 days were not consecutive.

Does it really rain 9 months of the year in Seattle?

According to official data, the driest months of the year in Seattle are July and August, while just two months later, the number of rainy days increases several times. November is the month when it rains the most, with an average 18.4 rainy days.

What is the longest time it has ever rained?

331 consecutive days
An incredible 331 consecutive days of measurable rainfall were recorded at Manuawili Ranch, Maui, in 1939-40. If you include a trace of rain, the record is 881 consecutive days, or nearly three straight years, at Honomu Maki, Oahu, from 1913 to 1916.

What is the most rainfall recorded in 24 hours?

Hawaii has the most extreme 24-hour rainfall total on record for all 50 states. That was recently set April 14-15, 2018 when 49.69 inches of rain fell at Waipā Garden on the island of Kauai.

How many days did it rain in Seattle 2020?


Days Year Inches
158 2021 43.4
168 2020 41.3
141 2019 33.9
158 2018 35.8

How much did it rain in Seattle 2021?

Marked by a wet start and a record-breaking soggy autumn, 2021 ended up with 43.63 inches of precipitation—the city’s wettest year since 2017.

What is the record for most rain in one hour?

12 inches
The record for most rainfall in a single hour is 12 inches (30.5 cm), set in Holt, Missouri, in 1947.

How many inches of rain did Seattle get in November 2021?

The 10.26 inches of rain that fell at Sea-Tac Airport was Seattle’s fifth wettest November on record and the 11th month with over 10 inches of recorded rain.

Is Seattle the wettest city?

Seattle gets its reputation as being the rainiest city due to the number of days with precipitation. It has more days with rain than both New York City and Miami. This means that Seattle has more frequent rain, but the light rain results in low totals.

What is the average annual rainfall in Seattle?

The annual rainfall of 38.0 inches in Seattle means that it is about average compared to other places in Washington. November is the rainiest month in Seattle with 18.7 days of rain, and August is the driest month with only 5.3 rainy days. There are 155.3 rainy days annually in Seattle, which is about average compared to other places in Washington.

How hot was it yesterday in Seattle?

Monday was hot in the Puget Sound region, with temperatures tying the 1992 record for the hottest June 21 in Seattle at 89 degrees. There won’t be much nighttime cooling if the trend continues this week. Seattle hit the record-tying high at about 5 p.m

When will It Rain Again in Seattle?

located in The Good Shepherd Center in Seattle. Starting this year, fourth- and fifth-graders in the school’s instrumental music program are practicing outside, rain or shine, to follow COVID-19 safety protocols. The students and their instruments are

How long since rain in Seattle?

SEATTLE — It’s officially over, Seattle. The dry streak has finally ended. Just before midnight on Thursday, Sea-Tac Airport recorded about half an inch of rain, ending a 51-day streak without