What is the meaning of S-Class?

What is the meaning of S-Class?

The S-Class has ranked as the world’s best-selling luxury sedan. In automotive terms, Sonderklasse refers to “a specially outfitted car.” Although used colloquially for decades, following its official application in 1972, six generations of officially named S-Klasse sedans have been produced.

Is a Mercedes S Class reliable?

Originally Answered: Is a Mercedes S Class reliable? They are quite reliable but maintenance is key. A properly maintained S-class can easily last for a long time. Common issues to look out for is the Air suspension (it’s a heavy car), minor oil leaks after 5-years, and the hybrid batter for newer models.

Is S-Class car safe?

The S-Class is laden with safety tech, and should be bullet-proof mechanically. As ever, the Mercedes S-Class is loaded with the most advanced safety features, and we’d be amazed if it came out of the Euro NCAP independent crash testing with anything less than excellent scores.

What is the difference between an S550 and S560?

Compared with its 2017 S550 4Matic predecessor that we tested, that’s 0.2 second quicker to 60 mph and 0.1 second and 1 mph faster in the quarter-mile. Fifty pounds lighter than last year’s car, the S560 also returned 19 mpg overall during our test, a huge 4 mpg improvement over the S550.

Is the S550 turbo charged?

The S550’s twin-turbocharged engine provides plenty of power for effortless acceleration.

What is the top speed of a S550?

To 100 mph, the S550 lags behind the big BMW by only a tenth, but its quarter-mile ET is two-tenths quicker. Top speed for S550s fitted with M+S-rated tires is choked to 132 mph, 23 mph shy of the fun available with the optional Z-rated rubber.

What do you think about the Toyota S550?

Apart from the S550’s swollen fender haunches-reminiscent of those hockey-puck shoulder pads that Larry King jams into his suits-what you notice first about this car is its seats. Really.

How fuel-efficient is the s550e plug-in?

This S550e Plug-In? 20 mpg. The car’s EPA numbers suggest 24/30 mpg city/highway, while the nonhybrid S550 posts 17/26. We drove the S550e as if it were a normal car.

Is the 2017 Mercedes-Benz S550 4Matic better for the passenger than driver?

The 2017 Mercedes-Benz S550 4MATIC is the rare car that may be better for the passenger than for the driver. That’s no knock on the all-wheel-drive S-class’s driving experience or its powerful twin-turbo V-8 engine, but it’s a testament to its strength as a cocoon of luxurious delights and the countless amenities available to all occupants.