What is the name of the sword that is pulled from the Branstock?

What is the name of the sword that is pulled from the Branstock?

A magical sword, Balmung, was made by Wayland the Smith . Odin stabbed the Branstock tree, an oak tree in the Volsung palace , with Balmung. Odin then said that he who could pull the sword from the tree is destined to win in battle.

Who killed his father and stole the compensation given them for their slain brother in the Volsunga saga?

As told in the Völsunga saga (“Saga of the Volsungs”), Fafnir slew his father, Hreithmar, to obtain the vast amount of gold which Hreithmar had demanded of Odin as a compensation for the loss of one of his sons. Odin gave the gold but put a curse on it.

How long is the Volsunga saga?

4 hours and 34 minutes
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Who wrote the Volsunga saga?

William Morris
The Story of Sigurd the Volsung and the Fall of the Niblungs

Title page of the first edition, 1876, printed as MDCCCLXXVII (1877)
Author William Morris “Author of ‘The Earthly Paradise'”
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Epic poem

How did Sigmund escape the fate of his 9 brothers?

How did Sigmund escape the fate of his 9 brothers? Signy smeared honey on his mouth, which attracted the beast killing the sons, and Sigmund ripped its tongue out when it licked his face. How does Signy die? What does Sigurd do when he lies three nights with Brynhild?

Who murdered Signy’s father?

Signy was married against her will to Siggeir, king of the Goths, who later ambushed her father and brothers and tied them to a tree in the forest. She was unable to help them as a wild beast killed them, one at a time. Sigmund was the last one left alive.

Who was Sigi’s father?

Odin fathered Sigi in one of his many amorous dalliances. Sigi grew up to be an outlaw and a murderer, but he later went on to become a king. Before he died he fathered Rerir, who became the father of Volsung.

Who are Signy and Sigmund’s parents?

in Norse mythology, only daughter of the hero Volsung and Ljod. Signy was the wife of the ruthless King Siggeir. She had ten brothers, including Sigmund, the youngest. Their story is told in the Scandinavian epic ‘Volsunga Saga’.