What is U5 salary scale in Uganda?

What is U5 salary scale in Uganda?

Salary scale U5 attracts a monthly salary of Ug. Shs. 469,852.

What is p5 level in UN?

P-4: Eight years of relevant professional work experience. P-5: Ten years of relevant professional work experience. D-1: Twelve to thirteen years of relevant professional work experience. D-2: Over fifteen years of relevant professional work experience.

What is the scale of salary?

A pay scale (also known as a salary structure) is a system that determines how much an employee is to be paid as a wage or salary, based on one or more factors such as the employee’s level, rank or status within the employer’s organization, the length of time that the employee has been employed, and the difficulty of …

What is g7 salary?

Starting salary for a GS-7 employee is $36,356.00 per year at Step 1, with a maximum possible base pay of $47,264.00 per year at Step 10. The hourly base pay of a Step 1 GS-7 employee is $17.42 per hour1. The table on this page shows the base pay rates for a GS-7 employee.

How much is salary scale U4 in Uganda?

Category Salary (pm) FY 2015/ 2016 Approve Pay Target (FY 2022/2023)
Medical Officer (U4) 1,117,688 5,000,000
Graduate (Scientist) (U4) 1,117,688 4,800,000
Graduate (Professional) (U4) 940,366 4,800,000
Graduate (Administrative) (U4) 798,535 4,800,000

What is U3 salary scale in Uganda?

3,650,000 for U4 –U5 and Ug. Shs. 7,200,000 for U1 to U3.

How is UN staff assessment calculated?

The staff assessment amounts for single staff would be computed by subtracting the net single rate from the gross salary at each grade and step in the salary scale.

What does Unun salary depend on?

UN Salary depends on: 1) Are you, international Staff or National staff. 2) Types of contract (Short term contract, fixed term contract (FTA), temporary appointment (TA) 3) Grade of Contract – level of contract.

Who conducts the salary surveys?

At non-headquarters duty stations, salary surveys are conducted by the United Nations and certain agencies of the United Nations common system. Salary scales: There is normally only one local salary scale per country.

What are the scales of Salary calculation?

The scales are expressed as gross and net (dependency and single) base salaries and applied uniformly, worldwide, by all organizations in the United Nations common system. Net base salary is obtained by deducting staff assessment from gross base salary.

What is a local salary scale?

Local salary scales are expressed in local currency as gross, gross pension, total net, net pension and non-pensionable component (NPC) per grade and step. They are based on a seven-grade level structure, except some duty stations. Longevity steps may be included in the salary scales where local conditions so justify.