What kind of warranty should you buy with a commercial roof?

What kind of warranty should you buy with a commercial roof?

Most manufacturers have roofing warranties from 10 years up to 25 years. However, the longer the warranty the more expensive the cost and installation requirements. A 20-year manufacturer No Dollar Limit (NDL) warranty covering both materials and labor is the most common warranty.

What does NDL mean in roofing terms?

The last option is an NDL or “no dollar limit” warranty. This absolutely does not mean that the manufacturer will pay for everything no matter what the cost to repair or replace your roof; it simply means that the warranty is not pro-rated nor is it limited to the original roofing cost.

What is a 20 year NDL warranty?

The fee for an NDL warranty is based on the square footage and varies by manufacturer. This type of limited commercial roof warranty guarantees that the manufacturer’s products won’t fail within a certain period of time (e.g., 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, etc.)

How long is a TPO roof warranty?

TPO Fully Adhered 25- and 30-year Warranty Submittal Sheet.

Are commercial roof warranties transferable?

In most cases, the roofing warranty does transfer to the new owner, but there are a lot of caveats and exceptions. It is in the buyer’s best interest to ask for the registration and details of the warranty as part of their due diligence during a home sale.

Is labor warranty the same as workmanship warranty?

The Difference Between Workmanship and Labor Coverage Workmanship coverage relates directly to rectifying defects in a roofing system that can be attributed to installation failures. Labor coverage relates to the costs of the labor required to repair or replace a defective roof that is covered under the warranty claim.

What is labor warranty?

A labor warranty provides you with coverage against improper installation and generally lasts for a year. By comparison, a manufacturer product warranty usually covers failures or defects, and coverage can range from 10 to 30 years.

Can you put TPO over existing roof?

Can TPO be installed over an existing roof system? But once all the existing insulation and decking has been inspected and approved, a TPO system can be installed after an insulation board has been applied over an existing built-up roof system or another single ply membrane.

Do shingle warranties transfer to new owners?

Most manufacturers only allow a one-time transfer, which means that the warranty is only transferable by the original homeowner to the first subsequent owner. If the new homeowner sells the home, the warranty will no longer be transferable, even if it is still active.

How do you void a roof warranty?

7 Surprising Things That Can Void Your Roof Warranty

  1. Improper Roof Ventilation.
  2. Poor Installation.
  3. Antennas and Satellite Dishes.
  4. Skylights.
  5. Hot Roofs.
  6. Pressure Washing.
  7. Layering.

What is the average warranty for a new roof?

The majority of roof warranties come from the manufacturer of your shingles. With the common asphalt shingle, you can expect a 25-30 year warranty (though there are some options for 50 year and “lifetime” coverage). Typically, a basic manufacturer’s warranty will cover roofing materials.