What percentage of punts are returned for touchdowns?

What percentage of punts are returned for touchdowns?

0.59 percent
There were 8,515 punts last season, and just 50 (0.59 percent) were returned for touchdowns, the lowest total and rate on record.

What is the punt return?

A punt return is one of the receiving team’s options to respond to a punt. A player positioned about 35–45 yards from the line of scrimmage (usually a wide receiver or return specialist) will attempt to catch or pick up the ball after it is punted by the opposing team’s punter.

How often do punt return touchdowns happen?

There have been 2,084 punts in the NFL this year. Based on 9 of them being returned for TDs, the percentage of punts returned for TDs in 2017 is 0.43%, or roughly 1 TD every 233 punts.

Who has the most kick and punt returns?

Brian Mitchell Mitchell padded his stat sheet with yards in the return game, simply by finding a hole and plowing straight ahead toward the end zone. He retired in 2003, with the NFL record for most most kick returns (607), most kick return yards (14,014), most punt returns (463), and most punt return yards (4,999).

Who has the most punt return yards?

Brian Mitchell

Rank Player Yds
1 Brian Mitchell 4,999
2 Dave Meggett 3,708
3 Devin Hester 3,695
4 Darrien Gordon 3,601

What is the role of the punt return specialist?

A punt returner (PR) has the job of catching the ball after it is punted and to give his team good field position (or a touchdown if possible) by returning it. Before catching the punted ball, the returner must assess the situation on the field while the ball is still in the air.

What is the difference between a kick return and a punt return?

Kick returners have more downfield blockers and less hang time and more distance on the ball, so defenders are farther away. Therefore, kick returners need more skill in block reading and punt returners need more speed and agility to win 1v1s with defenders.

Who has the longest punt return in NFL history?

Robert Bailey’s unique 103-yard return for the Rams While the Saints’ special teams unit began walking off the field, Bailey scooped up the ball and took it 103 yards for the touchdown. Longest punt return in @NFL history! Bailey, not even a regular punt returner, holds a record that likely will never be broken.

How long is the average punt in the NFL?

In the NFL, punts average 45 yards on average.

When was the last punt return TD?

The Chicago Bears scored 1 punt-return touchdown against the Packers on December 12.

Chicago Bears 12/20/2009 21.2
Chicago Bears 12/30/2007 11.8
Chicago Bears 11/25/2007 23.9
Chicago Bears 10/14/2007 20.0