What TV market is Tampa FL?

What TV market is Tampa FL?

List of United States television markets

Market Fox
13 Tampa-St. Petersburg (Sarasota) WTVT 13
14 Minneapolis-St. Paul WFTC 9.1/KMSP-TV 9.9/KFTC 26.1
15 Detroit WJBK 2
16 Denver KFCT 22/KDVR 31

What are the 10 media markets in Florida?

Florida State is comprised of 10 MARKETS:


What are the DMAS in Florida?

The Florida Department of Military Affairs (DMA) provides management oversight and administrative support to the Florida National Guard (FLNG). Directly responsive to the Governor of Florida, the Department operates within the policy guidance and fiscal framework of both federal and state authorities.

Who owns Tampa free press?

Times Publishing Company | Our Company.

What DMA is Tampa FL in?

the four counties in the MSA plus Citrus, Manatee, Sarasota and Polk Counties, used by the Tampa Bay Partnership and the Tampa Bay media market….Tampa Bay area.

Tampa Bay area Tampa–St. Petersburg–Clearwater MSA
State Florida
Largest city Tampa
Other major cities St. Petersburg Clearwater
Population (2010) 2,783,469

What DMA is Ocala Florida in?

Marion County
Marion County comprises the Ocala, FL Metropolitan Statistical Area….Marion County, Florida.

Marion County
Named for Francis Marion
Seat Ocala
Largest city Ocala

Where is the nicest place in Florida?

The 10 Most Beautiful Places in Florida

  1. Sanibel Island. Just off the state’s peninsula on the Gulf of Mexico, Sanibel is heaven on a beach.
  2. St. Pete.
  3. Amelia Island. Amelia Island is everything you could ever wish for in an upscale beach town.
  4. St. Augustine.
  5. Key West.
  6. Art Deco District Miami.
  7. Islamorada.
  8. Everglades.