What was Pope Benedict XVI encouraging in his talk?

What was Pope Benedict XVI encouraging in his talk?

During the session, Pope Benedict XVI reiterated his conviction that the dialogue between Muslims and Christians is “a vital necessity” for the good of a world marked by relativism, one that “excludes the transcendence and universality of reason.” At this meeting, Pope Benedict expressed “all the esteem and the …

How do you address Pope Benedict XVI?

The pontiff will keep the name Benedict XVI and still be addressed as “his holiness” once he retires, Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi told reporters at the Vatican. Interactive: Where does the pope live? He will also be known as pope emeritus, emeritus pope or Roman pontifex emeritus.

What does Pope Benedict XVI tell us about language?

In his retirement, Benedict XVI has made occasional public appearances alongside Francis. In addition to his native German, Benedict speaks French, Italian and English fluently. He also has an excellent command of Latin and speaks Spanish adequately. Furthermore, he has much knowledge of Portuguese.

What does Pope Benedict regard as the most important things for Christians to do?

The core of faith rests upon being loved by God, and therefore to believe is to say ‘Yes’, not only to him, but to creation, to creatures, above all to men, to try and see the image of God in each person and thereby become a lover.

What is pope Benedict’s title now?

Vowing to stay “hidden from the world” in his new life, Benedict anointed himself with the title Pope Emeritus, a moniker many faithful saw as a signal he would not remain as tight-lipped on Church matters as vowed.

How do you address a former pope?

In February 2013, the Holy See announced that former Pope Benedict XVI would retain the style “His Holiness” after resigning and becoming pope emeritus. The term is sometimes abbreviated to “HH” or “H.H.” when confusion with “His/Her Highness” is unlikely. The associated form of address is “Your Holiness”.

Are there two popes?

“Let’s stop talking about two sovereign pontiffs, because there is only one pope, the one who is invested with papal authority, that is, Francis,” Parolin said.