What word means all or nothing?

What word means all or nothing?

In this page you can discover 9 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for all-or-nothing, like: all-or-none, adamant, hard-line, unbending, inflexible, uncompromising, unyielding, either-or and firm.

What is the meaning of all-or-none?

[ ôl′ər-nŭn′ ] Characterized by either a complete response or by a total lack of response or effect, depending on the strength of the stimulus.

What is an all or nothing deal?

not allowing for qualification or compromise; either fully or not at all operative: an all-or-nothing approach.

What do you call someone who is all or nothing?

The all-or-nothing individual is someone who has many positive attributes and being busy plus achieving is central to this person’s life. This is relevant, as A/N individuals tend to repeatedly and unquestioningly apply the early messages about effort and what is required to be “good” (or should that be perfect?)

What is the opposite of all or nothing?

Opposite of that will either completely succeed or completely fail. flexible.

How do you use all or nothing in a sentence?

You can use all or nothing to say that either something must be done fully and completely or else it cannot be done at all. Either he went through with this thing or he did not; it was all or nothing.

What is an example of all or nothing principle?

For example, if you set your hand on a hot stove top, the nerve cells in your hand respond by shooting that signal up to your brain to signal pain and danger. Your entire body is linked with nerve cells that communicate with each other and with the brain. This is where the aptly named all or none law comes into play.

Is it OK to be all or nothing?

The Dangers of All or Nothing Thinking This type of thinking can cause a substantial amount of harm. It will affect the way you feel about yourself and others. Typically, this type of thinking will use absolute terms, such as always or never.

What is another word for not at all?

What is another word for not at all?

nope negative
nay never
nix absolutely not
no way by no means
not by any means nothing doing

What is the meaning of a hard-line?

Definition of hard-line : advocating or involving a rigidly uncompromising course of action.

What does the phrase ‘all but nothing’ mean?

“All but” means “al­most”, “nearly” (which does not make much sense, I must admit, but that’s just the way it is). For ex­am­ple: He was all but lost in the city. It was all but impossible. He was almost lost in the city. It was nearly impossible.

What is another word for “all or nothing”?


  • firm
  • fixed
  • hanging tough
  • hard-nosed
  • immovable
  • inexorable
  • inflexible
  • insistent
  • intransigent
  • What does it mean everything and nothing?

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    What does all in or nothing mean?

    all or nothing. 1. Everything one desires or nothing at all. In this mindset, the only acceptable outcome is everything that a person desires (the perfect option); anything else is rejected. You need to ditch this all or nothing mentality. Every man you date is going to be flawed in some way!