Where are the bluebells in Banstead Woods?

Where are the bluebells in Banstead Woods?

In the Banstead Woods, near Chipstead, bluebells flourish and they are at their best between mid-April and late May. Pitstop: You can walk to The Ramblers Rest from Banstead Woods, and as well as allowing dogs into the bar, there’s a great garden.

Are the bluebells out in Banstead Woods?

As you walk along the Banstead Woods Walk, you do see pockets of bluebells throughout the woods, but it’s when you get to the Orchard area that there are blankets of Bluebells to enjoy. The Bluebells are out from mid-April to May with the duration varying each year due to the weather.

When can you see bluebells in England?

The best time to see bluebells in the UK is between mid-April and May. They usually bloom in the south first, slowly spreading to the north as spring progresses. Bluebells are a protected species so please don’t pick them!

Where are the bluebells in Surrey?

Surrey Hills There are magical bluebell spots at Franks Wood at Leith Hill, Limpsfield Common, near Oxted and Gatton Park, near Reigate. Bluebells at Blakes Wood, Essex, in spring.

Where are Banstead Woods?

These lovely woods in Surrey have miles of well marked walking paths and a nature trail to follow. There’s over 230 acres to explore with lots of pretty bluebells in the spring months. The area also includes the Park Downs area of common land which is designated as a site of special scientific interest.

How old is Banstead Woods?

Banstead Woods’ recorded history stretches back for nearly a thousand years, to the time of the Domesday Book in 1086. There are no toilets or places for refreshments along the actual route, however there are many benches along the way should you wish to bring a picnic.

Where is Banstead Wood?

Banstead Woods and Chipstead Downs Local Nature Reserve is located at Holly Lane car park, Holly Lane, Banstead, Surrey CR5 3NR.

Why do bluebells grow in woods?

Often dominating the forest floor with a violet-blue carpet, affectionately called ‘bluebell woods”, bluebells flower and leaf early in Spring and do most of their growing before the woodland canopy closes over. They grow well in old, dense woodland because the thick foliage limits the growth of other competing flora.

Are the bluebells out yet 2021?

Bluebells usually flower from mid-April to late May, depending on the weather. If spring is mild they tend to bloom early. They’ll often first appear in the South West where it’s a little warmer than the rest of the UK.

Who owns Banstead Woods?

The area is located 1km to the south of Banstead, and to the west of Chipstead. The site is owned in parts by Surrey County Council and by Reigate & Banstead Borough Council.

What is at Banstead Woods?

Banstead Woods (previously known as the Banstead Park Estate) was a deer park in the medieval period sheltering the royal deer (enclosed in 1439). In 1598 Banstead Park was stated to contain about 160 acres.

What is the population of Banstead?


Banstead Location within Surrey
Area 8.25 km2 (3.19 sq mi)
Population 16,666 (2011 census)
• Density 2,020/km2 (5,200/sq mi)