Where can I leave my luggage in Geneva?

Where can I leave my luggage in Geneva?

Luggage storage in Geneva There are 2 main locations to store your luggage in Geneva: At the Geneva Airport (either in automatic lockers or at personal counter) or at Gare Cornavin – main train station. Connection between airport and train station is done by direct train (8min journey, going every 3 to 18 minutes).

Can you take a train from Switzerland to Paris?

TGV-Lyria high-speed trains link Switzerland with Paris on three routes: – Geneva to Paris Gare de Lyon in 3h10. – Zurich & Basel to Paris Gare de Lyon: Basel-Paris 3h03, Zurich-Paris 4h03.

What is the name of the train station in Geneva?

Geneva railway station ( French: Gare de Genève ), formerly known as Geneva Cornavin railway station, is Geneva’s main train station, located in the centre of the city. The immediate area surrounding it is known as Cornavin; both names can be used interchangeably.

How to get to Genève-Aéroport station?

All trains departing from / going to Genève-Aéroport station stop in the City Center of Geneva in Geneva-Cornavin station (7-minutes trip between the two stations, up to seven trains per hour at peak hours). A unireso zone 10 ticket for CHF 3.00 allows you to travel to the city centre by train from the airport.

How to get from Gare Cornavin to Geneva?

Gare Cornavin connects Geneva city with the Swiss Railway Network (CFF or SBB) and thus with the rest of Switzerland (Montreux, Basel, Bern); as well as with France on he west (Dijon, Lyon, Paris, Nice). There is a direct airport train link connecting Gare Cornavin with Geneva Airport by 1-stop 6 minute train.

Is there a direct link to the Geneva International Airport?

This station was recently reconstructed and this modern station has many conveniences including a direct link to the Geneva International Airport. Transportation from the Geneva Cornavin Train Station to the Geneva Cointrin International Airport: