Where is the Prague airport?

Where is the Prague airport?

Václav Havel Prague Airport is a modern and spacious international airport located on the northwest edge of Prague. It is about 17 kilometres north of the city. This airport forms the central artery into the city and region. It provides access to Prague’s renowned culture, business, sports, and everyday life.

What is the main airport in Prague?

Václav Havel Airport Prague
Václav Havel Airport Prague (Czech: Letiště Václava Havla Praha), formerly Prague Ruzyně International Airport (Czech: Mezinárodní letiště Praha-Ruzyně, Czech pronunciation: [ˈpraɦa ˈruzɪɲɛ]) (IATA: PRG, ICAO: LKPR), is the international airport of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

How many airport is in Prague?

The country consists of thirteen regions (kraje) and one capital city (hlavní město) with regional status. The Czech Republic’s capital and largest city is Prague….Passenger statistics.

Rank 1.
Airport Václav Havel Airport Prague
City Prague
2014 11,149,926

Who owns Prague airport?

Prague Airport has won one of the two awards in the prestigious international ACI EUROPE Best Airport Award contest in the 10 to 25 million passenger category. It was awarded the special Highly Commented Airport prize. The best airport in the category was Hamburg.

How do I get to Prague from the airport?

Taking a Prague airport taxi is the most convenient and quick option. The ride to the city of Prague costs approximately 27€ (694 CZK) and it takes around 35 minutes. The cheaper alternative is the bus. However, there is no direct bus route from the airport to the downtown area of Prague.

Is Prague airport good?

“convenient airport” ✅ Trip Verified | Prague’s airport is surprisingly large. It’s a relatively modern airport with clear signs and short transfer times. Security checks are fine and staff is friendly. A convenient airport to enter the Czech republic.

What is Zurich airport code?

ZRHZurich Airport / Code

How far is Prague from airport?

Airport is located about 18 kilometers (11 miles) northwest from the center of Prague. The airport is easily accessible by both taxis and public transportation. Once in airport, the cheapest option is to take a city bus #119.

Does Prague Airport have a train station?

Václav Havel Airport Prague is directly connected to Prague Main Railway Station (Praha hlavní nádraží), from where a direct transfer to train services running to destinations within the Czech Republic and abroad is possible. This connection is provided by Airport Express buses.