Where to stay in Semarang?

Where to stay in Semarang?

Popular luxury hotels in Semarang include Hotel Tentrem Semarang, Po Hotel Semarang, and Gumaya Tower Hotel Semarang. See the full list: Semarang Luxury Hotels. Which hotels are closest to Ahmad Yani Airport?

What are the reviews of hotel Pemuda Semarang?

“ The hotel itself provided typical Novotel-style quality level of service: clean bedroom and bathroom, good room service, and tasty breakfast with plenty of food and beverage varieties (including beras kencur and f… ” “ Great food, service excellent, clean room and easy to reach the hotel. ” POP! Hotel Pemuda Semarang

Where to stay in Sam Po Kong temple?

Popular hotels close to Sam Po Kong Temple include Grand Edge Hotel Semarang, Patra Semarang Convention Hotel, and Hotel Neo Candi Simpang Lima – Semarang. See the full list: Hotels near Sam Po Kong Temple.

Why stay at hotpemuda Semarang?

Hotel Pemuda Semarang “ Good service, clean and tidy room, and friendlu workers for sure .Love! ” “ This is our first time stay here and really enjoy it, the clean, spacious room, the downside is the swimming pool is under renovation so I can’t swim but I believe in 25th oct it’s already done. ”

Where to stay near Lawang Sewu building?

Hotel Pemuda Semarang, and Aston Inn Pandanaran are some of the most popular hotels for travelers looking to stay near Lawang Sewu Building. See the full list: Hotels near Lawang Sewu Building.

What do you need to know about quality hotel research?

In the same way, quality hotels try to learn the needs and concerns of every guest they meet so that they can be better prepared the next time he or she or they return to the premises. You may also like research questionnaire examples & samples. 3. Bedding Who does not like to sleep? Other than nocturnal people or people who like to party hard.