Who is a good author to read?

Who is a good author to read?

List of best-selling fiction authors

Author Min. estimated sales Number of books
William Shakespeare 2 billion 42
Agatha Christie 2 billion 85
Barbara Cartland 500 million 723
Danielle Steel 500 million 179

How long does an editor take to read a manuscript?

There are general guidelines set out by the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA) which suggest that for developmental editing an editor can do 1–5 standard pages an hour (where a standard page is always 250 words), heavy copy-editing can be done in 2–5 standard pages per hour, basic copy-editing in 5–10 standard …

How long does it take to read 80000 words?

about 4.4 hours

How expensive is an editor?

Average editing costs based on a 60,000-word manuscript: Developmental editing — $1,400 (or about $7 per page) Copy editing — $1,000 (or about $5 per page) Proofreading — $700 (or about $3 per page)

Should I get my book edited before sending it to an agent?

Yes. When you’ve stopped submitting to agents and decided to self-publish. This is when you should hire an editor. Once you’ve decided to go it alone, go ahead and hire that editor.

How long does it take to proofread 100000 words?

So, a 100,000-word manuscript would likely take 90-100 hours for the first two phases of the edit and an additional 10-20 hours for the final phase, after your review.

How many pages can you proofread in an hour?

ten pages

What is the going rate for editing a manuscript?

Editorial Rates

Definitions Median Rate Per Hour
LINE EDITING $46–$50/hr
PERMISSIONS $46–$50/hr

Should I get my manuscript professionally edited?

At certain times in a writer’s life, professional editing is a very good idea: when you’re trying to make an excellent impression with a query letter; before you hit “publish” on an independent book; when you’re breaking up with someone via email and want to get it right.

How do you ask someone to read your manuscript?

Find the Right People

  1. Start by asking fellow authors. Though it’s nice to get a variety of opinions, authors within your genre are best.
  2. Put out an all-call on social media. Put out a post asking for people to read your work.
  3. Ask colleagues. Ask people at work or others in your industry.
  4. Locate a formal writers’ group.