Who is Prithviraj Sukumaran father?

Who is Prithviraj Sukumaran father?

SukumaranPrithviraj Sukumaran / FatherEdappal Ponnamkuzhi Veettil Parameswaran Sukumaran Nair, popularly known as Sukumaran, was an Indian film actor and producer of Malayalam films.
Sukumaran became a popular film star in Malayalam cinema during the 1970s. Wikipedia

Who is Telangana Thagubothu?

Ramilla Ramesh, better known as Thagubothu Ramesh, is an Indian actor and comedian who works in Telugu films. He is a recipient of Nandi Award for Best Male Comedian….

Thagubothu Ramesh
Born Ramilla Ramesh Godavarikhani, Telangana, India
Occupation Actor, comedian
Years active 2007–present
Spouse(s) Swathi ​ ( m. 2015)​

Who is the father of DQ?

MammoottyDulquer Salmaan / Father

What is the age of Thagubothu Ramesh?

40 years (November 25, 1981)Thagubothu Ramesh / Age

Is Prithviraj Nair?

Prithviraj Sukumaran (born 16 October 1982) is an Indian actor, director, producer, and playback singer known for his works primarily in Malayalam cinema. He has also appeared in Tamil and Hindi language films….

Prithviraj Sukumaran
Children 1
Parent(s) Sukumaran (father) Mallika Sukumaran (mother)

Who are the main characters in Family Guy?

From the left: Chris, Peter, Stewie (in baby carrier), Lois, Meg, and Brian (dog in front of Meg). Family Guy is an American animated comedy series created by Seth MacFarlane for the Fox Broadcasting Company.

What happened to Thelma from Family Guy?

She is the mother-in-law of Lois. In ” Mom’s the Word “, it is revealed that Thelma has died of a stroke. Chip Griffin (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) – Peter’s vestigial twin brother, who appears in ” Vestigial Peter “.

Who is Seamus Levine on Family Guy?

Seamus Levine (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) – Seamus is a tough fisherman with two peg-legs as well as two peg arms. He wears a black eye-patch over his right eye. He makes his first appearance in the episode ” A Fish Out of Water “. While spending time with Peter and the gang in a steam room, it is revealed his whole body from the neck down is wood.

Who is Karen Pewterschmidt in Family Guy?

She is the paternal aunt of Meg, Chris and Stewie and sister-in-law of Lois. Karen is a professional wrestler. Carter Pewterschmidt (voiced by Seth MacFarlane) – Lois’s father, Babs’s husband, and the maternal grandfather of Meg, Chris, and Stewie, and father-in-law of Peter.