Who is Sheikh Abdul Muhsin al Qasim?

Who is Sheikh Abdul Muhsin al Qasim?

Abdul Muhsin al Qasim is born in the city of Makkah, in 1388 Hijrah, Sheikh Abdul Muhsin al Qasim grew up in under the shade of Islamic knowledge due to the involvement of his father’s and grandfather’s in scholarly groups (Fatwas of Sheikh Al-Islam

What kind of person is the Sheikh?

The Sheikh is a distinguished Qari, a wise judge, an eloquent khateeb, and a man well known for his humble character, and keenness in learning.

Who is Sheikh Abdullah bin Humaid Rahimahullah?

The Sheikh memorized the Qur’an and became a student of knowledge at a very young age. He studied under prominent Shuyookh, which include Sheikh Abdullah bin Humaid Rahimahullah, Abdul-Aziz bin Abd-Allah bin Baz Rahimahullah, Sheikh Salih bin Ali An-Nasir Rahimahullah and Sheikh Al-Muhaddith Abdullah As-Sa’d.