Who is Stacey Bewkes?

Who is Stacey Bewkes?

Stacey Bewkes, founder of Quintessence lifestyle blog, is a well respected voice for original written, photographic and video content in the world of design and lifestyle. Her popular Quintessence video series, produced with author Susanna Salk, garners millions of views worldwide.

Who is the host of Quintessence?

Susanna Salk
Quintessence provides exclusive insider access to top designers and tastemakers at home around the world. Tag along with host, design author Susanna Salk and Quintessence founder, Stacey Bewkes for the most inspiring interiors, design and style. You’ll feel like you’re right there with us!

How old is Susanna Salk?

27 years old
Mrs. Salk, 27 years old, is the interior design manager at Elle Decor magazine in New York. She graduated from Vassar College, as did her husband.

Is Susanna Salk related to Jonas Salk?

Design author Susanna Salk, who is a very distant cousin of Kate Middleton, and whose uncle-in-law, Jonas Salk, discovered the vaccine for polio. Hear ye! Hear ye!

How long did it take salt to develop the polio vaccine?

The foundation allowed itself to go into debt to finance the final research required to develop the Salk vaccine. Salk worked incessantly for two-and-a-half years. Salk’s inactivated polio vaccine came into use in 1955.

Did Dr Jonas Salk patent the polio vaccine?

Salk was immediately hailed as a “miracle worker” when the vaccine’s success was first made public in April 1955, and chose to not patent the vaccine or seek any profit from it in order to maximize its global distribution….

Jonas Salk
Alma mater City College of New York New York University
Known for First polio vaccine

Why did Dr Salk not patent his vaccine?

The attorneys concluded that the vaccine didn’t meet the novelty requirements for a patent, and the application would fail. This legal analysis is sometimes used to suggest that Salk was being dishonest—there was no patent only because he and the foundation couldn’t get one.

What year was the polio vaccine approved by the FDA?

The first polio vaccine was available in the United States in 1955. Thanks to widespread use of polio vaccine, the United States has been polio-free since 1979. But poliovirus is still a threat in some countries. It takes only one traveler with polio to bring the disease into the United States.