Who is the best neurosurgeon in Arkansas?

Who is the best neurosurgeon in Arkansas?

Dr. Emad T. Aboud MD. Neurosurgery. General Neurosurgery.

  • Dr. Robert Abraham MD. 37 reviews. Neurosurgery.
  • Dr. Tarek Abuelem MD. 35 reviews. Neurosurgery.
  • Dr. James R. Adametz MD. 78 reviews.
  • Dr. Hazem M. Ahmed MD. 11 reviews.
  • Dr. Eric D. Akin MD. 123 reviews.
  • Dr. Eric D. Akin MD. 123 reviews.
  • Dr. Gregory W. Albert MD. 10 reviews.
  • How many neurosurgeons are in Arkansas?

    The Arkansas State Medical Board lists 33 doctors who specialize in neurosurgery in Arkansas. All but 10 of the doctors practice in central Arkansas.

    Who is the best neurosurgeon in Lucknow?

    Top 10 Neurosurgeon In Lucknow – Get Dr Contact Number

    • Dr.Surjeet Singh. M.B.B.S, M.S., M.Ch. 11 Years Experience.
    • Dr. DR MOHD IQBAL. MBBS, MS, Mch, PDF.
    • Dr. Manu Rastogi. Neurosurgeon.
    • Dr. D. K. Vatsal.
    • Dr. Ashok Nirala. M.B.B.S, M.S, M.ch.
    • Dr. Pallav Garg. Neurosurgeon.
    • Dr. Apoorva Kumar. Neurosurgeon.
    • Dr. Sunil Agarwal.

    Which is better a cardiac surgeon or a neurosurgeon?

    technically with advent of interventional cardiology most of the cardiac cases are handled by cardiologists but cardiac surgeons are cardiac surgeons. neurosurgery is considered better than ctvs since more cases maximum of neuro cases are head injury leading to need of craniotomy and others.

    Do neurosurgeons only do surgery?

    Neurosurgeons not only perform surgery but will work with you in diagnosing your condition and supporting you through both non-surgical and surgical treatment.

    When should you see a neurosurgeon?

    The nervous systems are very sensitive in the body, and they need to be kept in balance. If you are experiencing symptoms like unusual headaches, dizziness, or atypical pain and numbness, it’s time to find a neurosurgeon to fix the problems.

    How much do surgeons make in Arkansas?

    Do surgeons in Arkansas make a lot of money? What is the average pay for Arkansas surgeons? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, surgeons in Arkansas earn an average of $248,380 a year, equivalent to $119.41 an hour.. This is 1% less than surgeons nationwide, but it is 482% more than the typical Arkansas worker.

    Who are some top neurosurgeons in the United States?

    – Comprehensive cancer center. – Top-tier epilepsy centers. – Recognized spine care leaders. – Certified stroke centers. – Top-ranked education program.

    Who is the Arkansas Surgeon General?

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