Who is the hero in LazyTown?

Who is the hero in LazyTown?

Type of Hero Sportacus (played by Magnús Scheving) is a fictional character from the Icelandic children’s television show LazyTown. He is considered the main protagonist of the show. His name is a portmanteau of the ancient figure Spartacus and the word sport which represents his athleticism.

How many seasons are there in LazyTown?

Turner Broadcasting System Europe acquired LazyTown Entertainment in 2011 and commissioned the third and fourth seasons for a total of 26 new episodes, which premiered in 2013 on Turner’s Cartoonito and later on Viacom’s Channel 5….

No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 78 (list of episodes)

Who is the bad guy in Lazy Town?

Sportacus is played by Magnús Scheving, creator of LazyTown. Robbie Rotten is the town’s villain. He lives underground on the outskirts of town and has a periscope that lets him see what’s going on in LazyTown. He is the “Master of Disguise,” usually sporting at least one clever (or not-so-clever) disguise each episode.

Where can I Watch lazy town?

Where to Watch LazyTown. Bädo Innos. The main repository. Currently offline due to DMCA strike by the MayhemTown Gang (or someone else of equally low repute.) Bädo Innos HD. But fear not they’re reuploading everything to a spare. LazyTown Official. Has some full episodes, and a lot of music videos.

Where can you watch LazyTown?

Lazy Town – New Videos!: http://bit.ly/2pomR9pCome and join Stephanie and the Lazy Town gang as they Welcome you to Lazy Town! Subscribe to the Lazy Town

What are the characters names in Lazy Town?

Stephanie ( Icelandic: Solla Stirða,lit.

  • Sportacus ( Icelandic: Íþróttaálfurinn,lit.
  • Robbie Rotten ( Icelandic: Glanni Glæpur,lit.
  • Ziggy ( Icelandic: Siggi Sæti,lit.
  • Pixel ( Icelandic: Goggi Mega) (played by Ronald Binion/Julie Westwood and voiced by Noel MacNeal/Kobie Powell/Chris Knowings/Ronald Binion in the US and