Who is the next Jimi Hendrix?

Who is the next Jimi Hendrix?

Gary Clark Jr.
WHO: Gary Clark Jr. has been hailed as everything from “the new Hendrix” to a 21st century savior of the blues, thanks to the fiery guitar playing and soulful singing showcased on Blak and Blu, his 2012 major label debut.

How many albums did Jimi Hendrix release while he was alive?

Jimi Hendrix only released four official studio albums during his lifetime.

How many albums did Jimi Hendrix cell?

Jimi Hendrix released only three studio albums and one live record during his brief career. But since his death on Sept. 18, 1970, there have been more than 80 new releases bearing his name.

What made Jimi Hendrix stand out as a guitarist?

Jimi Hendrix was the single most inventive electric guitarist in rock. He did more to extend the reach of the instrument than anyone else of his generation. He single-handedly demolished traditional definitions of music by playing and recording sounds made with his guitar that defied transposition or even explanation.

What was Jimi Hendrix’s first album?

Get That FeelingJimi Hendrix / First album

What was Hendrix first album?

How many albums did Jimi Hendrix put out before he died?

Jimi Hendrix released only three studio albums and one live LP before he died at the age of 27 on Sept. 18, 1970. His legacy is built on that classic trio of records, but it’s grown over the past four decades thanks to dozens of albums that have been released since his death.

What was Jimi Hendrix’s release date when he died?

This article is about Hendrix’s recordings released prior to his death on September 18, 1970. For later releases, see Jimi Hendrix posthumous discography. Jimi Hendrix (1942–1970) was an American guitarist and singer-songwriter whose career spanned from 1962 to 1970.

What records did Jimi Hendrix release with the experience?

Hendrix’s albums and singles with the Experience were originally released by Track Records in the United Kingdom and Reprise Records in the United States. Track also issued the Band of Gypsys’ album, but to settle an American contract dispute, it was released by Capitol Records in the US.

Who is the distributor for Jimi Hendrix’s original albums?

In 2010, Sony’s Legacy Recordings became the exclusive distributor for the recordings managed by Experience Hendrix, a family company. His original albums have been reissued, sometimes with new album art, mixes, and bonus material.

Why did Experience Hendrix restore the Jimi Hendrix catalog?

“Since Experience Hendrix began its restoration of the Jimi Hendrix music catalog in 1997, our goal has been to present these important recordings to Jimi’s fans in the best possible quality. We are excited about achieving that.