Who is the sheriff of Indian River County?

Who is the sheriff of Indian River County?

Sheriff Eric Flowers
Indian River County: Sheriff Eric Flowers.

How many deputies are in Indian River County?

Patrol. The Indian River County Sheriff’s Office Road Patrol Division is the backbone of the Sheriff’s Office. It is staffed with 100 deputies who provide 24 hour a day, 365 day a year coverage to the citizens of Indian River County.

How much does a Martin county sheriff make?

SO LE Salary

41 Madison County Sheriff’s Office $37,250
42 Manatee County Sheriff’s Office $68,913
43 Marion County Sheriff’s Office $72,050
44 Martin County Sheriff’s Office $67,621

Can a Cook County sheriff pull you over?

Yes. Sheriffs and their deputies have jurisdiction anywhere within a county, including cities in their county. Depending on their relationship with the local PD, they may or may not enforce laws within that city.

Are there alligators in the Indian River?

A 7-foot alligator in the Indian River Lagoon prompted a public safety warning Friday and a hunt to catch and relocate the Florida native seen lurking near public waterfronts. “Efforts are underway,” Sewall’s Point Police Chief Tina Ciechanowski said, adding people have reported seeing the gator in the water from 30 N.

Are there sharks in the Indian River?

The Indian River Lagoon is a bull shark nursery, according to the University of Florida. Young bull sharks typically use the area until they are about 9 years old, and then move into an adult habitat offshore, George Burgess, Florida Program for Shark Research director, said in an article.

What does the sheriff’s office do in Indian River County?

At the Sheriff’s Office, we are committed to providing quality service to the citizens and visitors of Indian River County! Inmate Search Search for all inmate history. This just in from Facebook… TRAFFIC: Crash at 58th Ave, Southbound at 16th St.

Who is the undersheriff of Indian River County Florida?

Undersheriff Undersheriff Raulen is the second in command and serves as the Chief of Staff for the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office.

What is the mission of the sheriff’s office?

The Sheriff’s Office mission is to serve the public with dignity, integrity and professional service while enhancing our partnership with the community in order to protect life and property, prevent crime and solve problems. I hope you enjoy your visit to our website!

Who is the Deputy Chief in Indian River County Florida?

Deputy Chief Thornton started his career in 1998 as a correctional officer at Saint Lucie County Sheriff’s Office. He joined the Indian River County Sheriff in November of 2002 as a Patrol Deputy after spending four years as a police officer for the City of Vero Beach.