Who sang the song once twice three times a lady?

Who sang the song once twice three times a lady?

Lionel RichieThree Times a Lady / ArtistLionel Brockman Richie Jr. is an American singer, songwriter, musician and record producer. He rose to fame in the 1970s as a songwriter and the co-lead singer of funk band the Commodores; writing and recording the hit singles “Easy”, “Sail On”, “Three Times a Lady” and “Still”, with the group before his departure. Wikipedia

Who recorded the song three times a lady?

CommodoresThree Times a Lady / ArtistCommodores are an American funk and soul band, which were at their peak in the late 1970s through the mid 1980s. The members of the group met as mostly freshmen at Tuskegee Institute in 1968, and signed with Motown in November 1972, having first caught the public eye opening for the Jackson 5 while on tour. Wikipedia

When was Lionel Richie Three Times a Lady?

1978Three Times a Lady / Released

What does once twice three times a lady?

Answered Jan 14, 2022 · Author has 1.7K answers and 436.3K answer views. That means a lady in three facets, looks/appearance, conduct/behavior/personality and spiritually inside. Lionel Ritchie’s song, “Three Times A Lady.” “Your once, twice, three times a lady.” You are a perfect, classy, elegant woman. 82 views.

Did Lionel Richie write three times a lady for his mother?

At a party to celebrate his parents’ 37th wedding anniversary, Richie’s father toasted his mother, Alberta, saying “She’s a great lady, she’s a great mother, and she’s a great friend.” The toast inspired Richie to write a waltz, “Three Times a Lady”, which he dedicated to his wife, Brenda.

What is the word for 3 times?

three times; thrice; threefold.

Did Lionel Richie write Three Times a Lady?

100 number one hit: “Three Times a Lady,” a sentimental ballad in waltz time. The song was written and sung by Richie, who had been inspired by the celebration of his parents’ 37th wedding anniversary. In 1979 the group scored another number one hit with Richie’s love song “Still.”…

Did Lionel Richie ever sing Lady?

Song history The song was written and produced by Lionel Richie, recorded in 1980, and ranks among Kenny Rogers’s biggest hits. Richie performed “Lady” himself on his 1998 album, Time, and he and Rogers performed the song as a duet on Richie’s 2012 release Tuskegee.

What is the meaning behind Three Times a Lady?

The singer is telling his love how much he admires her. She isn’t just a lady – meaning someone to be admired for being a woman of great quality – but she is such a wonderful person that she is worth as much as three others ladies. Just being described as a “lady” isn’t enough: “she is three times a lady”.

How much money does Lionel Richie make?

As of 2022, Lionel Richie’s net worth is roughly $200 million. Lionel Richie is an American singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer from Alabama….

Net Worth: $200 Million
Born: June 20, 1949
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Singer
Last Updated: 2021

What year was 3 Times a Lady released?

Did Lionel Richie write Three Times a Lady for his mother?