Who was the Michigan Wolverines football coach in 2004?

Who was the Michigan Wolverines football coach in 2004?

Lloyd Carr
The 2004 Michigan Wolverines football team represented the University of Michigan during the 2004 NCAA Division I-A football season. The team’s head football coach was Lloyd Carr….2004 Michigan Wolverines football team.

2004 Michigan Wolverines football
Coaches No. 12
AP No. 14
2004 record 9–3 (7–1 Big Ten)
Head coach Lloyd Carr (10th season)

Who coached U of M football after Lloyd Carr?

University of Michigan Football Coaches

Years Pct.
Gary O. Moeller 1990-1994 .771
Lloyd Carr 1995-2007 .763
Rich Rodriguez 2008-2010 .405

Who was the coach before Bo Schembechler?

Schembechler maintained an office at the University of Michigan’s football facility, which is named Schembechler Hall. His former assistants, Gary Moeller (1990–94) and Lloyd Carr (1995–2007), followed him as head coach.

Who was the Michigan football coach in 2011?

Brady Hoke
2011 Michigan Wolverines football team

2011 Michigan Wolverines football
AP No. 12
2011 record 11–2 (6–2 Big Ten)
Head coach Brady Hoke (1st season)
Offensive coordinator Al Borges (1st season)

How long has Michigan head coach been there?

He played college football at Michigan from 1983 to 1986. He played in the National Football League (NFL) for 14 seasons from 1987 to 2000 with his longest tenure as a player with the Chicago Bears….Jim Harbaugh.

Harbaugh in 2018
Michigan Wolverines
Position: Head coach
Personal information
Born: December 23, 1963 Toledo, Ohio

How much does Jim Harbaugh make per year?

Jim Harbaugh salary at Michigan The annual compensation is as follows: 2021: $4,000,000. 2022: $4,101,850.

How long has Harbaugh been coach at U of M?


Year Team Position
2004-06 San Diego Head Coach
2007-10 Stanford Head Coach
2011-14 San Francisco 49ers Head Coach
2015-present University of Michigan Head Coach

Where did Bo Schembechler coach before Michigan?

Michigan Wolverines footballBo Schembechler / Past teams coached (Head coach, 1969–1989)

Who is the winningest coach in Michigan football history?

Schembechler is the program’s all-time leader in wins (194) and games coached (247). Yost coached for the most seasons (25) and has the highest winning percentage (. 833) of any coach who led the program for more than three seasons.

What coach has the most wins in Michigan football history?

Bo Schembechler served as Michigan’s head coach for 21 years from 1969 to 1989. He is the winningest head coach in Michigan history with 194 wins. His teams won 13 Big Ten Conference championships. Gary Moeller (1990–1994) Gary Moeller was named Michigan’s head coach after

Who is the next University of Michigan football coach?

“Ryan is as good as an offensive football coach that I’ve been around in my 40 years,” said Sean McDonnell, who recently retired after serving as UNH head coach since 1999, in UD’s announcement. “He’s smart, creative, hardworking and great with the players.

What is University of Michigan football high score?

Michigan won the game 9–3, winning the Big Ten conference and sending the Wolverines off to the 1951 Rose Bowl. Subsequently, Michigan’s football team began to decline under Oosterbaan. From 1951 to 1958, Michigan compiled a record of 42–26–2, a far cry from the success under Crisler and Yost.

Who are the past 5 Michigan St football coaches?

Michigan had nine head coaches between 1900 and 1989, each of whom has been inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame either as a coach or as a player: Langdon Lea, Yost, George Little, Tad Wieman, Kipke, Crisler, Oosterbaan, Elliott, and Schembechler. The Wolverines’ current head coach is Jim Harbaugh .