Why did my beard trimmer stop working?

Why did my beard trimmer stop working?

It is possible that your Trimmer does not turn on or move because it is dirty. There can be hair or dirt particles stuck inside it, causing the cutting unit to be blocked. To fix this problem, properly clean your Trimmer. Remove the cutting unit and clean your Trimmer from the inside as well.

How do you fix Clippers that won’t turn on?

Drained/ Dead Battery If your trimmer won’t turn on, especially if it has not been used recently, you may simply have a drained battery. Plug your trimmer into your charger and see if anything happens. Ideally your trimmer will recognize it has been connected to a power source and charge its battery.

How do you change a micro groomsman battery?

Battery Installation/Replacement:

  1. Holding the trimmer with the cutting head facing you, pull the aluminum casing off, toward you.
  2. Insert one AAA battery.
  3. Replace the battery compartment cover.
  4. To maximize battery life, turn the trimmer “OFF” immediately after each use.

Why are my Wahl Clippers not charging?

If your trimmer does not seem to be charging, check the following before returning it for repair: Leaving the unit plugged into a dead outlet or an unplugged charger will drain the battery. 4. If the trimmer does not run and it is completely charged, turn the unit ON and pinch or push the blades manually.

Why do nose hair trimmers stopped working?

If you have confirmed that your Philips Nose Trimmer has a full battery and it is still not working, then it may not be working because it is dirty and the cutting unit is blocked. We advise that you clean your nose trimmer after each use for optimal performance.

What is a lithium micro groomsman personal Trimmer?

Wahl’s Lithium Micro GroomsMan® Personal Trimmer is the perfect tool. With the option of rotary or reciprocating head and eyebrow guide comb, unwanted hair will be a thing of the past. Enjoy the convenience of use – With a Single AAA Lithium Battery you can use the trimmer anywhere – as well as the rinse clean feature.

How do I obtain a warranty for the Wahl lithium micro groomsman?

To obtain a copy of the manufacturer’s or supplier’s warranty for this item prior to purchasing the item, please call Target Guest Services at 1-800-591-3869 The Wahl Lithium Micro Groomsman pen trimmer is the perfect tool to clean up that unwanted hair in those hard to reach places, or touch up your brow?

Why buy a micro groomsman?

High quality anodized aluminnm casing provides a provides a premium luxurious look. Our Micro Groomsman trims with the same incredible precision whether its wet or dry. One AAA battery is included in the packaging of every Micro Groomsman we sell. Lubrication for clippers, trimmers, and more

What is included in the micro groomsman package?

One AAA battery is included in the packaging of every Micro Groomsman we sell. Lubrication for clippers, trimmers, and more This clipping kit is best for self-haircuts including detailing and touch-ups around the ears, necklines, sideburns, and head.