Why did RSD delete videos?

Why did RSD delete videos?

The videos removed on Sunday, for violating YouTube’s rules on nudity and sexual conduct, were linked to channels highlighted in the BBC investigation – D.W.L.F Game and Street Attraction. They included what the men say are secret recordings of women having sex.

How old is Owen Cook?

42 years (October 1, 1979)Owen Cook / Age

What is RSD online?

Record Store Day is a celebration of the independent record store and its cultural impact, from hardcore collectors digging for rarities to vinyl newbies just starting their journey.

What happened to real social dynamics?

The main reason RSD shut down is because of negative press and the rise of the Me Too movement. At the end of 2018, there were threads on Reddit where feminists collected videos of RSD supposedly “encouraging” guys to dominate women. The threads went viral and that really impacted RSD’s reputation online.

What happened Street attraction?

YouTube has deleted two channels operated by self-styled “pick-up artists” following a BBC investigation into the industry. Hundreds of videos belonging to accounts Addy A-Game and Street Attraction were removed after violating YouTube regulations surrounding nudity and sexual conduct.

What is RSD in dating?

Then he paid for Real Social Dynamics (RSD) seminars, where he studied how to intimidate attractive women into submission, using aggressive physical techniques and a knowledge of psychology. “It’s a dark path, very negative,” says the the Melbourne-based man, who now offers his services as a dating coach.

Where is Owen Cook from?

Ottawa, CanadaOwen Cook / Place of birth

What happened RSD Ozzie?

He is currently based in London, England. Specialties: Coaching men in dating, Writing.

Who started RSD?

founder Owen Cook
7 and commented: “It looks like RSD’s founder Owen Cook admitted to rape in this clip.”