Why study at IIT Kharagpur?

Why study at IIT Kharagpur?

Over the last sixty years, IIT Kharagpur has consistently established new and improving standards in higher engineering education. Postgraduate degree programmes at IIT Kharagpur lead to Joint MTech / MCP-PhD, MBA and MMST degrees. In addition, the Institute also offers Integrated MSc programmes and Joint MSc-PhD programmes.

What is the email address of IIT-Kharagpur?

IIT Kharagpur Address : Takshashila, IIT Campus, Kharagpur 721302 Contact : +91-3222-282259 E-Mail : chai[email protected] Takshashila, IIT Campus, Kharagpur 721302

What is the duration of EMBA in IIT Kharagpur?

The EMBA is a three-year (12-trimester) programme for working executives delivered from the Kolkata and Bhubaneswar campuses of IIT Kharagpur, which leads to the degree of Master of Business Administration from IIT Kharagpur.

What is MTech in multimedia information processing?

Programme Objective Objective of MTech in Multimedia Information Processing program is to equip students with different techniques to process multimedia information including speech, video and text. The program focus on core techniques like speech, video and text processing and their applications.