Why visit the Museum of Science?

Why visit the Museum of Science?

The Museum of Science is committed to minimizing barriers —financial or otherwise— so we can be accessible for all. No matter the reason for your visit, we have a variety of offers to suit you.

What can you do at the Museum of Science in Boston?

A celebration of science welcomes superhero kids getting vaccines at the Museum. Experience the epic science-fiction feature on New England’s only IMAX® Dome screen! Boston Magazine recently recognized the Museum of Science as the Best Family-Friendly Museum in their annual Best of Boston issue!

Who is the founder of the Museum of Science?

Celebrate the legacy of our founder. Explore the story of Bradford Washburn, renowned mountaineer and Museum of Science founder. Experience our 190-year evolution. Learn the Museum’s story through artifacts and interactive displays — from the “Chamber of Curiosities” to visions of the future.

How many animals are in the Science Museum of America?

Over 125 live animals — the first science museum to be an accredited zoo. Our Traveling Programs reach more than 100,000 people each year. Access to STEM learning for everyone. Problem-solving is the 21st-century skill that will create the future we believe is possible.

It’s in the water we drink, the air we breathe, the clothes we wear, and the earth beneath our feet. At our museum, you can explore the amazing successes, astonishing failures, and strange surprises behind the science that shapes our world.

Why visit the Richmond Museum of Science and Technology?

Never a disappointing trip to the museum. “I love the blend of Richmond history along with science education experiences. They go above and beyond to switch up their offerings and discussions so we learn something every time we visit.

Where can I find information about the history of Science?

The Institute of History of Science, close to the museum, owns a very large and old library with lots of research material that is continuously updated.