Why would I use Total Commander?

Why would I use Total Commander?

A: Total Commander is a file manager for Windows, a program like Windows Explorer to copy, move or delete files. However, Total Commander can do much more than Explorer, e.g. pack and unpack files, access ftp servers, compare files by content, etc! You can find an overview on our ‘features’ page.

What is better than Windows Explorer?

If you want to fully replace Windows File Explorer, then Directory Opus is the perfect file manager. It fully integrates into Windows and whenever you will open File Explorer or a folder it will open Directory Opus instead. You can also open the program from the context menu.

How to install total commander on Windows 10?

Total Commander direct,free and safe download

  • Latest version update
  • Compatible with Windows 10
  • Download Total Commander for your PC or laptop
  • How to activate Total Commander?

    Open the archive file with ENTER.

  • Select the files you want to unpack,either with Insert or the mouse (Ctrl+Click)
  • Press F5 or click the Copy button
  • Click OK
  • The unpacked files appear in the target pane
  • There is also a second way to unpack files:
  • Place the cursor on an archive.
  • Chose Files – Unpack
  • You can decide to unpack only specific files,e.g.
  • What is Total Commander?

    Total Commander is a simple yet efficient file manager for Windows OS, Windows Phone, Windows CE and Android. Originally written in Delphi, version 5, the latest Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7 have been done with Lazarus. The user interface has been designed with ergonomics in mind, to make the operation of the program as easy as possible.

    What is Total Commander software?

    When using multiple monitors,the position and size can be stored separately for each screen (switch with Win+Shift+Cursor left/right)

  • Button bar: Button size and small icon size can now be set separately for each screen scale (dpi)
  • Icon from internal association takes precedence over internal packer icon (e.g.