6 Types of Swimsuits That Flatter All Body Types

6 Types of Swimsuits That Flatter All Body Types

Imagine yourself on a beach, surrounded by crystal clear waters. Or, lying by the poolside loungers, sunlight hitting on your face, gentle winds making your hair sway, music calming your mind; Ah! Sounds so peaceful!Summer is approaching, and this is the time where everyone’s goals come to a screeching halt! Why?

Let’s face it! We all make plans to rock this summer holiday either by spending a vacation on beautiful islands or soaking our bodies in a pool.  Regardless of what holiday destination you have decided, you need a swimsuit that fits right on your body type.

While some need to conceal their protruding belly, others want to accentuate their overall body frame. We have listed some of the best swimsuits for different body types. Scroll away!

Peplum Style Swimwear

Hiding belly fat is much easier than most women think. For instance, peplum style appareldo not only serve as great office wear but also they are perfect to wear at the poolside or on a beach. Full-Piece wear with a pleated fabric at the bottom area can help conceal excess belly fat.

Choosing any single-piece that has a plunging neckline will help keep the attention upwards, instead of your mid-section.

Short Torso

Want to elongate your body? This is the one you need!

The struggle is actual when finding the perfect swimwear if you have a short torso. The trick to elongating a short torso lies in getting a perfect swimsuit that takes the eye into putting some inches to your figure.

Try sticking to low-rise bottoms that make your torso appear longer, and one-shouldered top will help accentuate your frame, drawing focus to your best assets. You can choose underwire one piece swimsuit in various popping colors to lift your bustline and look picture perfect. So, what are you waiting for? The beach is calling!

Flat Athletic Body

The goal here is to make the illusion of a slightly heavier bustline and showing more curves, which can be done easily by picking a top with padding, girlie prints, and bright colors. You can also choose one that has ruffles on it.

Don’t go for flat-across bandeaus, shapeless full-pieces, or body-cut briefs, as this will only highlight your athletic body frame.

Big Butt or Pear Shape

If you are a bit heavy at the backside, high-cut swimsuits and string bikinis can be uncomfortable and often too revealing. You need a suit that has enough fabric to not only give you enough coverage so that you won’t be picking a wedgie or constantly tugging for more coverage.

So avoid picking skimpy cut swimsuits or Brazilian cuts, else look for designs with printed tops and solid bottoms that will help balance out your heavy booty.

Broad Shoulders

Flaunt your best not just when in the water, but also while relaxing on the poolside or beach in swimwear that can balance out your body if you have broad shoulders.

Go for a solid-colored one-piece with a printed pattern along the side. This will make an illusion of an hourglass figure, thus even out a boxy upper body.You can also go for an asymmetrical neckline that will have an eye up rather than straight across.

Plus Size Type

For women with the heavy bust area, a string suit is not your friend, not are tops in size S, M, or L.

You need a swimsuit that knows how to hold those curves is the one that a curvy body type needs. Underwire and various cup sizes will provide you support so your breasts will be in place when you take a dip. Look for the halter neck with thicker bathing suit straps and mesh detailing that flaunts the best.


Buying a swimsuit that puts your body on display while ensuring everything stays put can be overwhelming. This guide will help you know the different types of swimsuits and ease your anxiety while buying. So, flaunt your best this time and have a lot of picture-perfect clicks!